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So, this afternoon, not long before closing, I'm sitting at the front desk, minding my own business. I see someone approaching in the security mirror, so I hurry to hide the wrapper from the candy bar I'd finished as my afternoon snack.
Then I look more closely, and it was Matthew, the boy I have a crush on.
He'd volunteered to come to DC for work, and when his meeting finished took a cab to the House to surprise me! No phone call or anything.
If he gets done at dinner with his coworkers at a reasonable hour he's supposed to call, but I'm happily contented here with my DVDs and Internet in case he doesn't.

But I'm also flying high.
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(Points to anyone who gets the reference)

I don't want to like him this much this soon. It's too soon. It's just infatuation, but it feels so damn good.
Yesterday at work I was trying very hard not to call him. As I was thinking about how I should not call him, and picking up the phone to call my mother to keep me from calling him, he called me. And asked if I had plans after work. Since I didn't (it was Monday, after all) he asked if I wanted to come over. And of course I said yes.
And so I went over. And we watched Justice League and hung out on his balcony and such. And he made me dinner and served me champagne cocktails. And he danced with me (hence the swooning right now). Seriously, he can't keep doing this kind of thing, I'm gonna be useless.
And then he called a cab to send me home (and paid for it) because he didn't want me to have to deal with waiting for the train and walking home and such.

No, I will not be going to his place today. He has things to do and I have things to do and you know, I do actually pay rent, I should see my apartment every now and then.

Also, this is going to sound really shallow, but dating guys who actually have careers and good salaries is a nice change for me. It's nice when you know that they can buy you dinner and not have it be a problem for them, and when they can give you cash for a cab ride home and can pay for the movie tickets or whatever. I like being taken care of, and I like that security. Plus then I never have to worry that they're feeling emasculated because I pay, or that they really can't afford it but they don't want to admit that.

Anyway, I'm going back to work now.
But *swoon*.
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Currently, there is no one cuddling with me. This is completely unacceptable.
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Dear Jake Gyllenhaal:
We all knew you weren't going to win the Oscar. However, if you are sad about it and need to be consoled, I am an excellent hugger and would be happy to console you in person. The beautiful blue-eyed babies we would make together would also surely brighten up the dark moments in your life.
Much Love,
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Yours truly is officially single again. Oddly enough, I had a dream two nights ago that a man who alternated between Patrick Dempsey and Matthew McConaughey proposed (with a ring that was too small for my ring finger but fit on my thumb, which makes no sense at all). That was probably related to watching the Barbara Walters special.
Anyway, this was a long time coming, if one is honest, and there are no hard feelings. We're still friends. It was mutual (great minds think alike), and we had a nice chat. You are all hereby officially ordered that you are not allowed to hate Gabe on my behalf (I can't do anything about how you feel about him on your own, and you are no longer obliged to pretend to like him on my behalf either).
Now I can fantasize about Jake Gyllenhaal guilt-free.
Also, it means that if I do manage to come up for Hot Dog Day I'm crashing with Mandie (assuming she doesn't mind).
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So, I'm a little freaked out. I have two interviews tomorrow. One's at 10, and I'm not so freaked out. The other's w/ Kaplan and at 6 PM. And I have to do my 5 minute audition, and I don't know what to do and I'm not prepared, and I'm kinda freaking out. Then on Tuesday, I have another interview, again not so freaked out about that, but still.

Adventures in Computing )

Adventures in Commuting )

In other news, I went to All Souls Unitarian, which was of the good. And I made French Toast afterwards, after talking to the parents. I wish I'd been having waffles in Powell, but...
I also want some hugs, but I don't have anyone here to hug. :(

If you want to come and give me hugs, you can use www.flyi.com and fly independence air, b/c their hub is in DC and they are cheap and fly to all the cities near to where all the people I want to come visit me live. Except for people who will be in Europe. But that's a whole other issue.


Jun. 18th, 2004 09:21 pm
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So, we saw The Stepford Wives (we being my parents and I).  If you don't know anything about the plot, you've been in a hole or under a rock for the last 20 years, so I don't feel bad about letting you know, b/c it's not giving anything away about the remake.  The men in Stepford are sick of feeling emasculated by strong, intelligent, powerful, ambitious women.  So they make them into creepy 1950's versions of women.  It made me think about something:  Do men really want weak women who are only good for looking at, having sex with, and keeping house?  I have often theorized about this:  it seems that men desire women they can take care of, at the very least, because it makes them feel useful.  So they shy away from those women who seem able to take care of themselves, and go for the ones who need taking care of.  Of course the problem is that they missed the memo that just because a girl can take care of herself doesn't mean she wants to.  Many also seemed to miss the memo that ovaries are not a mental deficiency, but I think that may be a topic for another rant.  So what's my point?  (it's taken me so long to write this entry due to various distractions, that I seem to have forgotten)  My point is, every so often I wonder if I would attract more men if I were weak and helpless.  But I don't think those would be men I wanted.  I like the men who can handle a woman who can take care of herself.  Just as long as they recognize that they're still allowed to take care of her too...
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That's my life folks. Mom ran a flea market today, and I helped pack up. Otherwise spent the day reading and playing on the laptop. Went to dinner with the folks at Pizza Hut at like 4:30, then grocery shopping. Was home before 6. Felt not so hot, so I took a shower and put on jammies. Feeling better now. Watched A Mighty Wind with my parents, now we're watching Law and Order, no surprise there, as we watch a whole lot of L&O at this house.  Which is fine by me. 

Got to talk to the boy last night, which made me happy.  He's in NJ for a bar mitzvah.   Wish he was here instead, but that's life.  Talked to Alex via IM too, which is fun, b/c he's got a nice and unique perspective on things, and is pretty much the only guy I know with whom I can talk regarding relationship things and whatnot- Nathanael's Nathanael, and as such does not know all the things that Alex knows, and my other male friends are likewise inexperienced.  Not to mention I'm not particularly close to them.  That's what happens in that kind of situation- travel Europe with someone, you get a unique relationship. 

Not much going on otherwise.  Feeling restless- I have the urge to type alot, or do something with my hands.  I should channel this creatively, but I feel rather undirected. Also feeling the need for some serious cuddling action, but I don't have anyone to cuddle with, except my parents, which is an entirely different cuddling experience. 

Back to Law and Order for now....


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