Dear April

Apr. 25th, 2008 11:27 pm
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April Showers bring May Flowers. I am content to have rain in April. That is the natural order of things.
Thunderstorms? Are best reserved for July and August. As is the heat and humidity.
I should not feel gross and sticky when I am wearing nothing and have the windows open.

Mother Nature could at least have the courtesy to wait until the AC kicked on in the building...

(This, btw, is part of why I need a new job, because this whole "wool pants" thing really isn't working for me anymore)
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We are having lovely October weather here when it's not raining. There's this crispness in the air that reminds me of Berlin and makes me want Bratwurst and Federweisse. It's that weather when it's still nice enough to eat outside at a cafe, especially if you have a nice bowl of soup or a cup of tea, but it's cool enough to wear socks without your feet overheating, and when you can bundle under the covers and not wake up with sweat on you. I love it.
Of course, on Saturday, it was not so lovely, as it rained most of the day again. And then I was locked out of my house, and since I had not taken a sweatshirt with me, I was a little chilly. I had left my keys at home, and didn't think it would be a problem, figuring that one of my roommates would be home. In a house of seven people, you'd think that at least one of them would be around at 5:30 on a Saturday. But no. So I went and had dinner, and then went to my landlady's coffee shop to see if either she or her boyfriend were there, but it was closed. I had called her and left a message, and when I went back to the house to see if anyone had come home, I saw that she had called back to say that she was on her way home and if I was still locked out she'd let me in. This was very good as I was about to call one of the few people whose numbers I had, and if that failed, see if I could spend the night at the GW library.
Sunday I went to church and then off to Target for some shopping. Bought cleaning supplies, crochet hooks from the $1 section, a bathroom scale, two flashlights (including a Nightstar CS, which doesn't need batteries, and one small enough to put on a keychain which is in my purse), curtains (pictures if you so request them) for all of the windows in my room, including the internal one that connects the two rooms, and a bellydancing DVD, which is extremely difficult but I think will be very rewarding and fun. I found myself wanting to practice the moves while riding the Metro today while listening to my mp3 player, because the rhythym made me want to move. But obviously I can't stand up and do figure eights with my hip on a train with other people. Though I did do some of the shoulder stuff, and it's the upper body stuff that's hard for me.
Right now I'm supposed to be writing a paper for Historic House Interpretation. And then I have to write a 100 word autobiography (like an intro panel for an exhibit) for Exhibition Development. And we have to bring in objects. I really think I'm going to take Chocolate, though that would probably be an odd thing to carry on the Metro. But it would be a good object for an exhibit on me, plus it's cute, so I think I'll do it.
Next weekend's going to be fun, as I have two things at church on Sunday- regular service, which my choir is singing during, and then an ordination service in the afternoon which we're also singing for (as is the other choir). Thursday's are my only days off all week- classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesay, work Friday and Saturday, and church on Sundays. Which is fine, but still.
Anyway, I'm going to try to be productive now. Try to stay out of trouble.


Jan. 15th, 2004 01:35 pm
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I am in the process of packing for Alfred. It's nifty to think I'll actually have my own stuff in my room, but weird to think of only having the one room. It means I have to weed out stuff. I have so many books, most of which I don't need, but I can't bear the thought of leaving them home. It's not home to me without books. I'm trying to figure out how much room I'll have, and though I have the dimensions of the rooms, I don't know furniture sizes, or where the window is or the closet. I didn't know what room I'd be in till yesterday. Well, actually today, because they had to change the assignment, as the previous occupant of the first room won't be gone in time for me to move in on Sunday. I have to move in alone, or wait till Monday, but that would mean I didn't have time for getting books or signatures on Monday.
I don't have a phone number yet though.
I like the part where I get to think about all different possible room arrangements. It's fun. Not so much a fan of not remembering where I put all my stuff last May. I also spend time thinking about what I'll be doing after graduation, and of course have lots of fun ideas about what it'll be like. Though it would be better if I had a job offer or grad school acceptance first. Though to have those, I'd have to finish my applications first....
In other news (practically all they talk about on the news here) it's colder than really anything ought to be allowed to be here.
Also had a horrible migrane yesterday, complete with vomiting up the pizza we had for dinner. Got annoyed at my mother because she has this wacky theory that curling up in bed is not a good plan when one has a migraine. Whatever.
On the plus side, before the pain, saw a decent movie Shattered Glass about a reporter who made up his stories. Last week I saw The Station Agent which was also very good. If they come in your neighborhood, I recommend them- I saw them at our local art museum.
On Monday I got my car inspected while my mother and I went to my doctor's appointment in Syracuse, which was not fun b/c the roads were very bad on the way out. Better on the way home. Assuming that the temperature gets about freezing, my car should start and drive, which will be handy.
Smokey (the cat) caught a mouse today. He was mewing like crazy this morning, which is very unusual, as he is normally very quiet. I tried to call him into my bed, but he didn't come (thank goodness) I got up, and saw that he had something in his mouth and told him to drop it, which he did (good boy). It was a mouse, still alive. He mananged to recatch it a few times, before it scurried away. Hopefully he catches it again. But I don't want him to eat it, b/c that's not good for him. I am however, very proud of him, esp considering that he lacks front claws. He is a good cat.


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