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You should make more musicals.
Taye Diggs and Audra McDonald on a show together and there's not even one scene of her singing a lullaby or anything? And Idina Menzel is married to Taye Diggs, so it would be easy to get her to guest star...

Also, I've never forgiven you for the fact that Jesse L Martin (seriously, that man's got pipes to die for) and Jerry Orbach were on a show together and there was no singing. Or even any backstage singing footage. I'm not asking for Cop Rock or anything, just a little "Once More With Feeling."

Also, imdb and ibdb need to combine forces so that I can get all the info at once- tons of people do both Broadway and Hollywood (Bernadette Peters, Carol Burnett, Taye Diggs, Peter Gallagher, Scott Bakula, I could go on)
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My neighbors are playing something with a really loud bass. This would be annoying normally, b/c I hate bass, but it's mostly kind of amusing since it's not loud enough to feel and is providing a completely incongrous bass line to my music (my John Barrowman station on Pandora).

In other news, I keep spending weekends not home, or with company. This weekend I crashed at Clio's on Saturday and Sas's on Sunday. Weekend before Kate was here. Weekend before that I was at Sas's again on Sunday. I really need to start carrying extra underwear in my purse...

I really should make a post about our new president, but I don't want it buried in a post about other random things.

Thanksgiving plans are here in the District, with friends. I'll be home for Xmas, from the 24th to the 29th.

I have decided that I want Anderson Cooper to be my sugar daddy, regardless of whether or not he actually likes girls. In fact, it might be better if he didn't like girls. Then he could just be my patron or something. This is a far more realistic goal than being Elizabeth Darcy, at least. If I weren't so fond of medicine and pants and suffrage, I'd say I was born in the wrong century. But if I'd been born in a different time I'd be a peasant and have to labor in the fields and die in childbirth.

Which reminds me- Monday's my day off and I don't have cable, so I end up watching PBS a lot, because it's much better than any other daytime tv. And today on History Detectives this woman had found a box in her house that contained something that looked like it might be a contraceptive device, from the late 1800s. The segment had a warning before it aired, because of "frank discussion of contraception" which made me WTF a little. Anyway, the original owner was the sister of the woman's great-grandmother, and so the woman had heaps of documents- journals, letters, etc. And they read those and talked to historians and researched the laws. Because they were trying to figure out if it really was a contraceptive device and if it was legal. And the thing is that lots of contraceptive devices weren't marketed as such, and thus were legal to sell and buy, but it was still technically illegal to use them for contraception. But when the woman found out that the original owner wasn't breaking the law, she was "relieved" because she didn't think that her relative was the law-breaking type. And, I'm sorry, but STFU. It was a stupid, terrible, harmful law, and I'd be proud as a peacock to find out I had relatives who broke it. There is no honor to be had in obeying unjust laws that cause pain and misery. Also, apparently the Comstock Law is still on the books, which irritates me. And he's totally on my list of historical people I'd like to punch in the face.
I suppose the Doctor will never pick me as his companion now that I've said that...
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I'm not sure that any of you care, but I had to look it up and see, because it was driving me nuts. Warning, there are spoilers, so if you haven't seen the last season of Buffy and don't want to know anything at all about it, stop reading (no major plot points, mostly character mentions, but I might give something away unintentionally) and rent/buy the DVDs and catch the f*ck up already.

OK, so, you know Caleb, the scary villain from the very end? He's played by the same guy who played the Captain on Firefly and in the new movie Serenity (Ha! Take that fox- you cancel the series, and they make a movie!). Incidentally, I wish to see this movie, when it comes out in Sept, and would like to have seen the whole (one season) series before hand.


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