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So, for Christmas, my mother bought my father a SlingBox. And my father set me up with the code so I can use it.
Basically, a Slingbox is a device that allows you to control your television remotely via the Internet. This includes your DVR if you have one.
I love it. Some of the functionality is impacted by the speed of your connection, of course, but it's great.
You connect to your slingbox, and a picture of your remote shows up, which is how you control the television. It's not as fast as channel surfing would be, but it works. It slows down when I pull up the menu, but otherwise, no complaints. The picture quality is excellent, much better than the results I've had with streaming video from other sources. It doesn't like it if you expand the picture too much, but that's not surprising.
Only one person can use it at a time, and it remotely controls the television, so if I connect to the slingbox and change the channel, it changes the channel on the TV it's hooked up to, which is why Dad hooked it up to one they don't use much.
The interface though is nicely designed, and I love that the remote pops up as an actual picture of the remote you really have, so you don't have to deal with buttons that don't work on your cable box/tv.
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I finally had a chance on Wednesday to go over to the Post Office and pick up my package from Soapy Hollow (btw, if you're trying to ship things to me, USPS is way better than UPS, since I can walk to the Post Office, but the UPS facility is way the heck out there and they don't seem to want to leave my packages, even when I leave the signed slip on the door).
Anyway, the minute I got the box, it smelled delicious. Not in that overpowering way that some soaps have, but in a subtle, rich, spicy way. This was likely the combination of the Chocolate Mint soap and some of the lovely spicy samples that DeAnne included (she has beautiful handwriting, btw). I've only really gotten the change to use the Gardner's Delight, but I really like it- it makes my hands feel clean and smooth and soft, and they smell clean but not soapy. My bathroom smells like chocolate from the soap hanging in the shower. I like that the scents are rich and complex, but they're not overpowering or chemical-y, which makes sense since they're organic. The coffee kitchen soap doesn't smell at all like coffee, which is great, since coffee makes me nauseous sometimes (the idea is that the coffee neutralizes any food odors from cooking that get into your hands).
After work yesterday I stopped at the grocery store and got cake mix and frosting and cheese for the party. Four kinds of cheese- Butterkaese, a yummy mild German cheese; Chevrie, a very tasty soft goat cheese; Blue Cheese and Extra Sharp Cheddar. I think that's a nice variety. I needed dish soap as well, and I discovered that my store sells Planet dish soap and laundry detergent. I didn't buy any detergent, because I didn't need any, but it's good to know for next time. The soap is basically oil, salt and baking soda, and I'm interested to see how it cleans my pretty new dishes that my parents gave me for my birthday.
Tonight, I'm going to the old apartment after work to clean out the crap that's been shoved under the bed and make sure I don't still have anything of mine there. When I get done, I'm going to Evieland and I'm going to take a nice bath using my bath salts from Soapy Hollow and exfoliate my face with my Modern Friction from Origins, and have a mini-spa night.


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