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Some random Israeli dude on Facebook just made a friend request for me.
Generally speaking, I don't add people I don't know in person, but he is kinda cute, which makes me waver.
I'm such a dork.
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How is it possible that I have 97 friends on facebook? And I've met them all in real life. I'm not a serial adder or anything (serial adders confuse the fuck out of me. What's the point?)

Course, when you consider that it's a combination of high school, AU, Lexia, GWU and real life, that's a lot of people, and they're certainly not all my closest friends or anything. But it surprised me when I saw the number was that high. And I'm tempted to find 3 more to make it an even 100.
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So, I was looking for some free audio books, preferably read by actual people. So I went to Project Gutenberg (which is awesome) and found a link to LibriVox, where people volunteer to read books in the public domain which you can then download for free. I've already downloaded A Little Princess, Aesop's Fables and the works of Hans Christian Anderson. And I'm planning on volunteering to read as well.

I love the Internet so very, very much.


Sep. 21st, 2005 05:34 pm
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A fun toy for all my bibliophile friends: LibraryThing It's a web application that lets you catalog all of the books you have, and then hooks you up with other people who have similar libraries and such. It's all the rage around LJ. Free membership includes 200 books, lifetime membership is only $10. My name there is lotusbiosm, same as it is everywhere. I had issues with the search function in the Add Books tool until I fiddled with my security settings (the defaults on the school's computer)- I don't know if I'd have to elsewhere. Now, if anybody knows of a good program that lets you sort CDs and movies as well... (Dad wants one that will tell him what song is on what CD)

Having wasted sufficient time doing this, I'm off to MSTD happy hour in a bit.


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