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It's 8:41 on a Friday night. Do you know where your Empress is? She's at home, alone watching The Real World (Las Vegas, no less). I think some of my loyal subjects need to come and rescue me.

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Ok, I think those are the major points- job interviews, going to school, missing my boy. It is hot here, and I spend excessive amounts of time hiding out in my room, where there is Air Conditioning. I know I should be going out and doing things, but I have no one to do said things with, and lack the motivation to do things alone. I need an OG to come knock on my door and make me go participate. It's the pitfall of a big city- there's tons of stuff to do, but more effort to do it. Ok, it is now 11 (I was on the phone with [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]). I think it is time to get ready for bed. Phone calls this weekend are welcome.

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Dec. 22nd, 2003 08:49 am
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Don't have much to say. Just thought an update would be useful. Let me tell you, this having a computer in the same building as me is a very nifty thing. Also, being able to take books out of the library is fun. I finished one of the two I took out in 4 days. Which isn't that impressive for a 460 page book, except that I also get about 200 cable channels here (actually, more, but I haven't counted). Anyway.
The tree is up and there are presents underneath, which is very exciting. What is not exciting is that I broke my toe because of the tree. See, my parents got this very pretty but not always exciting fake tree, prestrung with lights and nifty fiberoptic stuff. So you don't actually have to decorate (except for the presents). This sort of takes some of the fun our of it, but oh well. It will serve them well when I move out and am unavailable for the tree decorating duties which I have performed since childhood. Point being, you have to turn the lights out at night, lest the tree catch fire while you are sleeping and create a horrific Christmas tragedy. So, I went to turn off the lights before going to bed. Now, the tree is where it has always been, in the living/dining room. To get there, one must either cirlce through the kitchen, or cross the living room, which is the more direct route. There is a chair in our living room that has been in the same place for about as long as I can remember. In theory, I don't need to turn on the light, as I know where everything is and the tree functinos as a pretty good guide. So, on Friday night, I'm heading for the tree, when I kick the little toes of my left foot into the hard wooden leg of aforementioned chair. This is extremely painful. I believe I heard a crunching sound. I swear. Then I turn off the lights and go to bed, hoping that the pain will be gone. I wake up. Pain is still there. Is still here, on Monday. This is no good. But I am getting better at not putting weight on my toe, which is good. And will hopefully recover during the long drive to Georgia for Christmas. Oh Joy, oh Rapture.
I shoulda stayed in Berlin.


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