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Yours truly is officially single again. Oddly enough, I had a dream two nights ago that a man who alternated between Patrick Dempsey and Matthew McConaughey proposed (with a ring that was too small for my ring finger but fit on my thumb, which makes no sense at all). That was probably related to watching the Barbara Walters special.
Anyway, this was a long time coming, if one is honest, and there are no hard feelings. We're still friends. It was mutual (great minds think alike), and we had a nice chat. You are all hereby officially ordered that you are not allowed to hate Gabe on my behalf (I can't do anything about how you feel about him on your own, and you are no longer obliged to pretend to like him on my behalf either).
Now I can fantasize about Jake Gyllenhaal guilt-free.
Also, it means that if I do manage to come up for Hot Dog Day I'm crashing with Mandie (assuming she doesn't mind).
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So, having the boy here was lovely and nice. We went to see Star Wars on Friday night. Saturday we moved some of my stuff, but the wall was in the process of being built, so that didn't work out so well. We also went to the National Gallery of Art and American History. It was fun. Then we took a nap. Then we went to dinner. Sunday we went to Dim Sum with Susie, which was very fun and yummy, then the three of us walked down the Mall, stopping at American History again, and visiting memorials. Rolling Thunder was in town, as it's Memorial Day, and they are very, very loud. We dropped Susie off at the Metro, went to Tower Records for a couple minutes, came back, and hung out. We watched SVU and did crossword puzzles, and then ordered pizza and watched the Yankees lose to the Red Sox, and did more puzzles. This morning I packed up some more stuff, and we took it to the new house. The basement looks so much nicer now- carpet laid down, the bed there, a nightstand, it's nice. But I still have more stuff to take over there. I should get some lunch and then empty a suitcase so I can come back and get more of my stuff. Maybe if I take my computer and television over there, the temptation to stay here won't be so high.
But I am sad, because Gabe is gone. I cried when he left, because I am a big baby. Which made me think about how different it is to be the one visiting and the one being visited. When you're the visitor, sure, you're sad to leave, but you also have things like traffic, and getting home to your own bed and how much gas you have on your mind. When you're the one being left behind, it's just the empty places where the person you love was a few minutes ago. And sometimes, yeah, it means you can do things like laundry and dishes and whatever errands you have to do, and maybe some peace and quiet. But it was so nice having him here. It's nice having a man around, and it's nice having a friend around to do things with. I considered confiscating his car keys, but I figure his Mom probably wants him back, and he has to go to work. And I start my internship tomorrow, so it's good he's gone, but I wish he could stay.
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I should not watch The WB when the boy is in Italy. Italy is far away, and watching Luke and Lorelai kiss (and everybody else, there's lots of kissing on the WB, esp on the season finales, which are airing tonight, b/c next week is premieres) makes me miss the boy overmuch. Not that I don't miss him normally, but... Maybe I should watch the news or something.

On the mouse front, he seems to be getting bolder. I thought that he had trapped himself in a box, which I then took outside, but either he got out on the way or hurried back in really fast, b/c as I was congratulating myself on the humane solution, I walked back into my room, and there he was. And he's kind of cute. But they eat stuff and chew through wiring and carry germs, so I don't want him in my room. If someone's gonna live in my room and eat my food, I'd like it to be someone cuddly. Or at the very least, human...
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(Ok, so it's not from a song. Deal)

:( Tried to call the boy (he was online, huzzah), but it wouldn't let me. I ordered an AT&T calling card online and it was "delivered" to me online (the internet is a cool thing, I'm tellin' ya). But I couldn't complete the call. :( Don't know why. Tried calling Customer Service, got a machine, w/ no "to speak to an actual human being" option. They tried to make the machine sound like a real person, but I can tell the difference. Maybe it's that fancy Anthropology degree I got... Anyway, emailed them and they are working on it. But no talking to the boy. I need to find a cheaper card anyway, as I'm not sure what I've got is the best deal. But I know that AT&T is reputable. I can't direct dial from my phone, which is ok, as Verizon (like everybody else) doesn't want to tell you how much it will cost (nothing like the surprise of a giagantic phone bill).
So, I'm doing laundry, and I just finished a rather late lunch of pasta and sauce. I should probably do some grocery shopping, but eh...
In happier news, The Princess Bride is on Bravo. Mmmm, Carey Elwes. Because occasionally we need proof that the universe is of the good.
Yanks/Orioles game was on here last night, but as I had no one to cuddle with and nothing else to do, I didn't really watch it. (That's not in any way relevant to anything, just babbling).
Khristina left me a message with her contact info, but then my computer decided to by naughty and I lost it, and then AIM was weird and wouldn't let me see the new windows, and ugh. But this wireless internet is definitely a positive thing- I can use the internet in any room of the house. It's cool not being bound to one place in the house.
Ok, I really want to see Garden State . Just in case you care. And I really hate seeing 9/11 commercialized. (Commercial for the Freedom Tower Silver Dollar. Makes me very cranky.) I shouldn't do LJ updates while watching tv, should I?
OK, dishes must be washed, and clothes need to go into the dryer. More later (b/c you can hardly wait for the next thrilling installment).
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It's 8:41 on a Friday night. Do you know where your Empress is? She's at home, alone watching The Real World (Las Vegas, no less). I think some of my loyal subjects need to come and rescue me.

Fun with interviewing )

The First Week of School )
The Case for War with Italy )

Ok, I think those are the major points- job interviews, going to school, missing my boy. It is hot here, and I spend excessive amounts of time hiding out in my room, where there is Air Conditioning. I know I should be going out and doing things, but I have no one to do said things with, and lack the motivation to do things alone. I need an OG to come knock on my door and make me go participate. It's the pitfall of a big city- there's tons of stuff to do, but more effort to do it. Ok, it is now 11 (I was on the phone with [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]). I think it is time to get ready for bed. Phone calls this weekend are welcome.
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Italy is very far away.
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So, last weekend, the boy and I went to DC to try and find me an apartment. We had no luck. Partly b/c no one called me back, which is really infuriating. I already had the hotel room, and was hoping people would call me back while we were driving. Someone did, but that was the only guy who had called me back, and that was to cancel b/c the apartment he was going to show me had been rented. Grrr. But we had a good time. I learned the following things:
-you have to pay attention to the little letters at the end of the street address, or else you wind up way on the other side of town
- shoes from easy spirit are not necessarily good for walking in
- my boyfriend is not only handsome and funny, he is also very patient
- New York Ave will take you to NY
- There's a reason the EconoLodge is so damn cheap (I actually already knew that)

Oh, and the room I did see, that I didn't want but then was going to take so that I'd have a place to sleep at least, was gone when I called. I am trying to take this as a sign, but I don't know what of. I would appreciate prayers on my behalf. I also don't think it's a good sign that I can't find the "consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air" bit in the Bible when I search it on bible.com (Albert, or other scripturally versed people, if you're reading this, help me out). I have found another potential roommate, and I may go down this weekend to see her and her place, we'll see (preferably I'll have other people to visit too).

I did, however, thouroughly enjoy my time with the boy, who as I said is a very good boy. And I drove over the George Washington bridge and successfully merged onto the Major Deegan, so I think on some level the trip was a success, just not in terms of getting what I was looking for. But it was educational, and we got to see cool stuff at the Smithsonian (like Dorothy's ruby slippers). So, even if the guys down the hall were drug dealers, it's all good. :)

In other news, my job is ridiculously dull. At least when they had no work for me I could read books and do the crossword puzzle, but now I have 8 hours of mind-numbing number checking (SS numbers and acct. numbers). But the pay doesn't suck, and I could be doing much worse work. I consider it paying my dues.
Speaking of paying, I also got word on my loan. Bad news: I will be in debt when I graduate. Good news: I got enough to pay off the rest of my tuition and help me w/ rent and what not. So that's a good thing. See, these are the signs that say I'm supposed to go there. Maybe I'm supposed to live w/ the girl who called me on Sat. (and not the sketchy guy w/ the $0 rent and the one bedroom...)

Also, I finally found my CDs, which I'd been missing, and so now I get to listen to Songs for a New World again, which brings happiness. And the sun is shining (at least is was today, before it went down). And that's about it, I think...
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Went grocery shopping and bought a whole bunch of groceries (well, the parents did). They had no paper bags though, so they used plastic, which is nowhere near as efficient as paper. Watching Pirates of the Caribbean and checking emails.
Happy news, though not mine: the boy got his EMT card thingy. YAY for him.
Off to the movies w/ [livejournal.com profile] eredien now.


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