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1) I would love to be in Yankee Stadium right now.

2) I care less about winning the World Series than I do about beating Pedro Martinez. Fortunately, winning tonight accomplishes both.

3) I never realized how incredibly passive-aggressive baseball can be until tonight. I mean, the taunting fans are one thing, but the stepping out of the batter's box because the pitcher is making you wait too long, the pitching balls close because you think the batter's standing too close to the plate, even just the fact that baseball's a minimal-contact sport (which is part of what I love about it, the lack of violence). Which I think kind of makes me understand why some people like other sports better, because it really is passive-aggression put to sport. I happen to prefer passive-aggression to regular aggression in many cases, both emotionally and intellectually, but still.

4) I don't generally watch the games on TV, because I don't like the announcers, but damn this is some good baseball. Really really good baseball.

5) I do wish Matsui had hit for the cycle. Because that would have been cool. But 6 RBIs off 3 hits is still pretty damn good.

6) Mariano Rivera always looks like he's about to cry or something. But that's OK.

7) My team has celebrated as many championships as I have birthdays. Has yours?

8) Watching a bunch of millionaire adults jump up and down like little kids always brings a big smile to my face. Especially when they're wearing pinstripes.


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