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I hate people who call back in the hopes of getting a different answer. We are not trying to pull one over on them.

We have been booked for the week of the Inauguration (of President Barack Hussein Obama!!!!) since basically two days after Election Day.

Today, a woman who has a group of 100 called, because in trying to make a reservation, she was unable to secure one. Because we are booked. Completely booked. This was explained to her by The Enforcer, but she was apparently unsatisfied, and asked why we couldn't open early. Even if we did, it wouldn't help her, because she has too many people for a group tour. So, for whatever reason, she called back about 30 seconds after The Enforcer relayed the story, and our VUA wanted to transfer her up. He almost transferred her to the Boss, but I was like "um, no, we DO NOT need the 'open early' idea put in her head" so I took the call instead. And very kindly explained that we were booked, that we've been booked for a month, and that no, we can't open early, but she is welcome to come to the site and view the film and hear the talks and walk the grounds. I didn't get to the part about how going over a certain number of visitors is bad for The House, I started with the "it would be dark" theory (seriously, a month after Winter Solstice is not the season of long days)

Also, we are getting new STEPs in Jan which is made of awesome and win, because they are Museum Ed people and I met them today and they are VERY excited to work at Cedar Hill. And additional staff (esp. on weekends) is sorely needed. They went on my tour today along with this couple who had a reservation, and they pointed out the pillowcases in Fred's room, which say "Two's company, three's a crowd" (and were embroidered by his second wife). This led (somehow) to a comment about "Three's a crowd, but five is a group" (there were four people on the tour, plus me is five). I couldn't not make it dirty, and it sounded like a very Capt. Jack Harkness thing to say.
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Just ordered new winter work pants, which was a giant pain in the ass for two reasons:

1) even though the cost is subsidized, the price is ridiculous relative to the amount of the subsidy (I think it's actually reasonable relative to the retail price of things, but the difference is that I can wear dress pants in black to a lot of things, but green poly/wool blend? Not so much)
2) sizing. My hip size says one pant size, but my waist size says another, which makes me worry about how they'll fit. I got the larger size, but women's sizes aren't standard, number one, and our uniforms are clearly not designed for actual people, esp. not people with curves.

Not to mention that they won't deliver to our office and I have to go get them at the maintenance yard when they come in.
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Today at work, someone asked if anyone had a time machine, and I said I'd left my TARDIS in Cardiff. Yes, that was a Doctor Who/Torchwood reference. Sadly, no one at my office got it.

Also, I think I said something like "we'd need a time machine, but I seem to have misplaced mine. If you've seen a blue police box out back, let me know." I know I shouldn't make Doctor Who jokes at work, but they're just so easy! Esp. when people say "it's bigger inside than it looks from outside". Must... resist.. Time Lord jokes.

In other news, I am getting filmed tomorrow for an online video tour of the house. Apparently in the discussions it was decided that I was one of the only Rangers on staff who can actually speak well and entertainingly in front of a camera. Which is awesome, because once I put it on the web, it will be linked to my online resume.
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- Turn in draft at work
- Update resume
- Update webpage
- clean out firstname.lastname@google.com and create forwarding to primary email so as to have professional email address for job-hunting
- Find essays/reviews in this LJ and polish them for posting in a blog under my real name to be used as examples proving "I can write"
- Look for jobs
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I love my job. I love cute little children and old men who flirt with me and little old ladies who pat my hand. I love seeing people laugh at my jokes, even the lame ones, and I love seeing people appear to be on the verge of tears based on what I say. I love the thought of teaching people something they didn't know. I love when people clap at the end of my tours.
I love the zen state of thinking only about the words coming out of my mouth, about my job, and being able to have every other thought vanish. It's me and the mic and the audience, and I'm fully present in the moment, paying attention to what I'm saying and to where I am and what needs to get said, paying attention to subtle changes in the speed of the tram and the trees and the faces of my passengers.
I love having my supervisors tell me that I have a good reputation. I love having male coworkers, I love the difference in the way I relate to men. I love watching my coworkers play chess, and hearing them trash talk while they play. I love my coworkers in general, hearing their conversations and laughing and joking with them.
I love that the drivers tell me I give good tours, especially the ones who've been doing it for years. I love that today I was riding around and then we switched drivers and I was waiting for my replacement and the new driver said "no, stay with me". And that there was a conversation that implied that I was a more desirable narrator than some of my coworkers. And I also love when the other narrators and the drivers flirt with me, and that one of my drivers said I was "all woman".
At the end of a day at my job, I feel smart, competent, popular, and attractive. And even though sometimes I wish that my customers would express their appreciation with cash, really, feeling great about myself at the end of a day at work is worth more than any tip I could get. Sure, I'm not saving the world, but if everyone could love their job this much, imagine how much better the world would be.


Mar. 11th, 2006 10:04 pm
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Dear Borders:
It is perhaps not very wise to have the Erotica shelf facing the Religion shelf, so that those looking for Christian fiction or the Koran or books on Kabbalah might turn around and see a selection of erotica and sex advice books. It is, however, hilarious, and I thank you for injecting that humor into my day.
Much love,

Dear Mercury:
This retrograde thing really isn't working for me. It was bad enough when I thought that I was the one having a bad week, but when you start messing with everyone? While on the one had it's nice to have something to blame it on (even something implausible), when bad things start happening to my friends then my Cancer/Dog start acting up and I wish to do something to remedy the situation.
No love,

Dear people who do bad things to my friends:
Seriously? Stop. It is not acceptable and if I had my way lightning would strike you, and it would hit you in your most sensitive bits, if you catch my drift.
Much loathing,

Dear tourists:
You might, perhaps, consider that when you board the bus, I am looking down at you. And while your ample cleavage does not excite me, as I have my own, I cannot guarantee that other tour guides might not be rather pleased that you chose that particular top.

Today, after work, I bought a book and a teapot and then came home and took a bubble bath and read the first two chapters of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Also, the pizza and wings I got delivered last night made a handy lunch, and were delivered much faster than I anticipated, and they gave me blue cheese dressing with the wings! There is a new phone coming to me and I don't have class next week (Spring Break). I may go to the movies at some point as well. Perhaps cheaper than retail therapy.
So perhaps things are looking up.
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Today, I finished training and got certified to do the cemetary (and would have done actual tours but I had to go to class), solved a Soduko and two crossword puzzles, kicked butt at Jeopardy! and am now watching the Olympics (Ladies' free skate!) while I hem my pants (with thread, by hand). I feel smart and accomplished. And also dorky and domestic, but that's the way I like it.
I am a touch dissapointed that my Thermos doesn't seem to therm as well as I'd like (yes, I know that's not a word). It doesn't keep things hot as long as I'd like, but I'm going to try again tomorrow (I want to take tea to have at lunch).
Tomorrow, I give unsupervised tours to actual paying customers. Wish me luck!
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My parents came down on Friday, and I met them in their hotel after I got out of work. I'll be so glad when training is over- it's annoying.
As always, they brought me some good stuff. My She-Ra lunch box, which I realize is supremely dorky, but it's also very retro, and I love it. Plus, no one will mistake it for their lunch. The thermos doesn't hold much, but since it's got water in it for now, that's ok. Also cloth shopping bags for groceries, and my Mom bought me a bunch of bath/shower stuff, including bubble bath. And a very nice new black skirt that is velvety and twirly at the same time. I walked home from their hotel in the skirt, my black Docs, and my shirt from work. I also took the wine and brie and crackers that the hotel gave them.
Saturday we went to the Phillips Collection. Then back to my place so they could see it, and we exchanged computers. I've had my Dad's laptop for the past few months while mine got repaired. Then we went to a very nice dinner in the hotel and hung out being silly for a little while. Sunday we went to church (I was singing, one of the reasons they came), and then to Georgetown for brunch.
Today, my computer decided that it didn't want to start windows, which sucked. I had to reset it to factory settings using the system restore disks that came with it. And this is after I downloaded a bunch of programs yesterday. But it's ok, because I'm fairly certain that I backed up all the documents I might want, and definitely all my pictures. And all my songs are on my mp3 player, and I have the disks for that and my digital camera. I need to re-acquire the software that lets me log onto GW's wireless network, but that's easy enough to do. Google has a very handy thing, called "Googlepack" that includes a whole bunch of google software, like Google Earth and Desktop search, as well as Firefox, Norton Anti-Virus, AdAware, and Trillian. So I got a huge amount of functionality restored from one download. Because Google is fantastic, and I happily await the day when they rule the world.
On a completely unrelated note, I made a playlist today of music to listen to before church. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to church, so I take my mp3 player, and I like to listen to church-y music. If any of my dear readers have some appropriate music (and I know you do) that they'd like to share with me, I'd be very grateful.
Watching ice dancing on tv now, and then time for sleeping.
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Sort of.
Apparently, I didn't post about this when it happened. In early December, my boss at the Frederick Douglass house called me up to tell me that the budget wouldn't allow for them to keep me on. She had to let three rangers go (it wound up being only two, because one took a different job). My last day was January 7. So, since, the rent doesn't pay itself, I was on a job quest. My old boss had forwarded my resume to another NPS site, but I hadn't heard anything from them, or back from another place I submitted my resume to. So today I trekked out to the Tourmobile headquarters. This is more complicated than it sounds, because I got a smidgen lost trying to find it in the park it's in, and had to call for directions. Thankfully, I wore sneakers with my suit (I knew I was going to have to walk at least 15 minutes, and I wasn't going to do that in heels, but the heels were in my purse). My foot really hurts though, but that's not from the walking (though I'm sure that didn't help any). Anyway, I had to memorize a double-sided, single-spaced page about the Lincoln Memorial (I learned lots of intersting things, like that the statue would be 28 feet tall if he stood up). Then I delivered it to the HR lady, who was impressed, by that and by my resume/application (incidentally, they were happy that I'd filled out the application beforehand after downloading it, which saved me a lot of time). So orientation is Monday. I can't go to training properly because I have to go to class, but she said we can work something out because I am super-awesome (well, those aren't her exact words, but that's the condensed version). And I should be able to keep it over the summer while I do my internship too. So that's one less thing to worry about.
I also figured out why nothing's been forwarded to my new address. The nice lady at the Post Office told me that my change of address wasn't on file, but they were holding all my mail, so they're sending it to me. This is important as it contains my W2's and things like that.
Now I just have to not flunk out of school (but I think that's doable).
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For all your Valentine's Day needs [livejournal.com profile] 21406
Remind me to post my V-Day music lists.

Also, on the *remember to breathe* front, I turned in my graduation application today (due Feb 1). So now I just need to find an internship and a part-time job and also a real job for when I'm actually done. Can't someone just pay me for being the fantastically awesome me that I am? Or for watching tv or surfing the internet? Or even for writing, so long as it's not crazy long stuff (like an advice column- I'd be good at that, right?). I am a woman of many talents. Plus, I'm cute. So people should hire me. I took a vote.
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I have a dillemma. At least one of my coworkers has bought me a Christmas present. Now, I celebrate Christmas, so that's not the issue. The issue is that I'm a grad student, and there are other people I'd rather spend my time and money shopping for than people I work with, especially when I don't know what to get these people.
So, I need advice on what to do.
I could bake them something (not that I'm a fantastic baker, but I don't suck).
Or I could get something from Heifer International. But if I did, I'd need to decide on what to get.
The latter is more appealing in terms of it being more meaningful, and it helping people, and being easier to do. But the former means they get something more tangible.
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My boss emailed me to ask what I want on my official ranger nameplate. I already replied, but I can't help but feel that I should have asked for something more dramatic.
What would you put?
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Well, that's not true, considering that by seven oclock tonight I'd gone grocery shopping, eaten dinner, taken a shower and put on pjs.
But work was interesting.
Gave my first tour, and there was this slightly crazy lady who wanted to come on another tour. I don't know what was up with her. She was nice, but a litte wacky. But the other people on her tour apparently thought I was the best thing since sliced bread, and were very impressed at me being a Museum Studies student. It was interesting.
Then I gave a tour that would have been much better if the two little boys on it had had a nice dose of benedryal, because they weren't very interested, but they were a touch disruptive. But one of them asked me how Santa came down the chimney because he thought the chimney was too small (which is weird, because the house has nice fireplaces, though some of them have been blocked off). Which meant I had to answer with "Santa is magic", because really, that explains everything about Santa. I mean, if the guy can get to every child who celebrates Christmas in one night, he can get down the chimney (or come in through the fantastic floor-to-ceiling windows). But it was incredibly adorable. Then it turned out that the other kid was Jewish, so that was just awesome. I hope I handled it alright- the parents didn't seem too eager to help me out with that random question. The other people on the tour asked if I was a teacher because of the way I dealt with the kids, which I took as a compliment.
And then we had a tour that included a Muslim couple, and the woman was not just veiled, but she had her whole face covered except her eyes. And they asked if we had a place they could pray, but generally we try to remain neutral, what with us being federal property and all, so we sent them off on the tour, because they would have missed it otherwise and it was the last one of the day. I mean, who cares if they pray, but we can't say "sorry, you can't watch the movie, people are using the auditorium to pray" to another visitor. The crazy lady was also a Muslim, which I only know because I heard her mention it at least three times. She refused to shake hands with a man because of it, which I thought was interesting. Her tour also had a priest on it, and he's leaving for Sierra Leone tomorrow for a few weeks. So it was a religiously diverse day. Weirdly, the priest asked me if the house was haunted, and I didn't think priests believed in ghosts besides the Holy Ghost.
And oh, I forgot to mention, the crazy (but great) coworker who used to work on the Mall stopped by her old office today and when she came back she brought us pedometers. I walked over 1,000 steps today (I took it on one tour, which was like 383, so 3 tours is over 1,000, plus the rest of my day). And tonight's episode of Firefly on SciFi was the pilot.
ETA: I forgot- I was sweeping off the porch, and the neighbors had this cute little boy, and apparently they'd been blowing leaves off the lawn, and they sent him over to use the leaf blower on the front porch. I'd already finished, but he was so cute and sweet. And it was also very nice of them to offer to use the blower on the porch for me.
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So, today I had class at the Frederick Douglass House, which as you know is where I work. That was nice, because it meant I found out that my check was at the main office. I headed down to drop off some forms that I'd been neglecting to drop off (it's not that easy to get to, though not hard either, but it's not like I could just drop by on my lunch time). Well, one of these forms was my commute reimbursement form. The lady refused to believe that I was asking for enough money. I went to the Metro website, looked up the fare, and multiplied it by the number of days I work a week. I work two days a week, there are four weeks in a month, that's eight days a month. So that's $2.35 each way ($2 for the train, .35 for the bus), $4.70/day, therefore $37.60/month (actually, technically it's probably more than that, because there's no bus-to-rail transfer the way there is rail-to-bus) I even included the bus down by the house, which I don't usually take, in case of really crappy weather (I'd rather walk- it's cheaper and I can use the exercise and the fresh air). But this one lady didn't want to believe that I was asking for enough. She consulted with a colleague, and he double checked with me, and made sure the form had everything on it it needed (which was good). I live two blocks (.20 miles according to the Metro site) from the Metro station, and while there is a bus I can take, I don't, because it's silly, and I could be at the station in the amount of time it takes to wait for the bus. The form tells you not to ask for more, and only to ask for what it costs to get to work. I mean, if I could get more, it would cover my transit to school, but I feel bad using taxpayer money to pay for me to go to class. I didn't expect HR to give you a hard time about not requesting enough reimbursement. If I had asked for $50/month or more, would they have just been happy?
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We are having lovely October weather here when it's not raining. There's this crispness in the air that reminds me of Berlin and makes me want Bratwurst and Federweisse. It's that weather when it's still nice enough to eat outside at a cafe, especially if you have a nice bowl of soup or a cup of tea, but it's cool enough to wear socks without your feet overheating, and when you can bundle under the covers and not wake up with sweat on you. I love it.
Of course, on Saturday, it was not so lovely, as it rained most of the day again. And then I was locked out of my house, and since I had not taken a sweatshirt with me, I was a little chilly. I had left my keys at home, and didn't think it would be a problem, figuring that one of my roommates would be home. In a house of seven people, you'd think that at least one of them would be around at 5:30 on a Saturday. But no. So I went and had dinner, and then went to my landlady's coffee shop to see if either she or her boyfriend were there, but it was closed. I had called her and left a message, and when I went back to the house to see if anyone had come home, I saw that she had called back to say that she was on her way home and if I was still locked out she'd let me in. This was very good as I was about to call one of the few people whose numbers I had, and if that failed, see if I could spend the night at the GW library.
Sunday I went to church and then off to Target for some shopping. Bought cleaning supplies, crochet hooks from the $1 section, a bathroom scale, two flashlights (including a Nightstar CS, which doesn't need batteries, and one small enough to put on a keychain which is in my purse), curtains (pictures if you so request them) for all of the windows in my room, including the internal one that connects the two rooms, and a bellydancing DVD, which is extremely difficult but I think will be very rewarding and fun. I found myself wanting to practice the moves while riding the Metro today while listening to my mp3 player, because the rhythym made me want to move. But obviously I can't stand up and do figure eights with my hip on a train with other people. Though I did do some of the shoulder stuff, and it's the upper body stuff that's hard for me.
Right now I'm supposed to be writing a paper for Historic House Interpretation. And then I have to write a 100 word autobiography (like an intro panel for an exhibit) for Exhibition Development. And we have to bring in objects. I really think I'm going to take Chocolate, though that would probably be an odd thing to carry on the Metro. But it would be a good object for an exhibit on me, plus it's cute, so I think I'll do it.
Next weekend's going to be fun, as I have two things at church on Sunday- regular service, which my choir is singing during, and then an ordination service in the afternoon which we're also singing for (as is the other choir). Thursday's are my only days off all week- classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesay, work Friday and Saturday, and church on Sundays. Which is fine, but still.
Anyway, I'm going to try to be productive now. Try to stay out of trouble.
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OK, in the job quest saga:
I had an interview at the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site a while back. They needed copies of proof that I'm a student, as the position was only available to students. So, I sent them a copy of my transcript from our online student info system, not realizing that it didn't have my name on it, since I'd needed all kinds of secret numbers to get it. So I had to go down to the registrar's office to get a copy. I got an unofficial one because I wasn't about to pay for an official one. And then I discovered that I couldn't use the Museum Studies fax machine, and the only other one I know of you have to pay $1/page, even locally. And I was broke. So it was a few days before I sent it. Incidentally, I hate two things- 1. that people forget that most people don't have fax machines and need to pay or use one from work, and 2. when people aren't clear about their names when they leave messages and then act like you're the idiot for not understanding it when you call them back. So, on the first day of my Historic House Interpretation class, which was two weeks ago, I found out that one of my classmates had a job working there. I assumed that the delay with my paperwork meant that they had decided to hire some other people, and just figured I'd get another job somewhere. Well, last night, I got a phone call from the woman who interviewed me to ask if I was still interested. It's not the "official" offer, because that has to come from Human Resources, but it looks like I'm going to be a Park Ranger! Which is good, because a) I need money b) I need a job to keep me busy c) it's a job that will look good on my resume. The only downside is that I'm scheduled to work Fridays and Saturdays. I can get days off, of course, and I generally don't do anything on your average Saturday anyway, so it's not a huge sacrifice, but it makes traveling and having visitors more complicated. And I have to be at work at 8:30, which is early. But I'm still very happy.

July recap

Aug. 6th, 2005 04:54 pm
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Ok, so I haven't actually posted an informative, what's been going on entry.
The first weekend in July, I moved again, into the big bedroom in the house I've been living in since last year. It's a nice, big room, two rooms actually, with a huge closet, hardwood floors, and a door and a window in the wall in between them. I can watch the tv through the window from my bed. It's nice.
On the 4th, I ventured down to the Mall and watched the fireworks, but it wasn't quite as much fun as it would have been if I'd had friends with me.
Then, on my birthday, I flew home. Got presents and cake, the next day we went shopping and got me pretty things, including the Best Skirt Ever, some new sandals, and some nice tops. Went to Old-Timers' Day at Yankee Stadium that Saturday, with my parents and the boy.
Came back, worked, and then on Friday I flew home again to go see my friend Katie get married. I was a little cranky about it, until I saw how happy she was to have me there. I was the only single person at the table (and the only one under 40), but I had a good time. It was a lovely wedding- she was beautiful, and the reception was lovely- beautiful decorations, great food, good wine. Then we went to Albany and saw Bruce Springsteen, which was pretty good.
Then I had a weekend of no travel, except that we also had no power from some point Friday night/Saturday morning until some point on Sunday. Which you know, kinda put a damper on things. I could have gone out, but I didn't really want to. Sunday I went to church at Washington National Cathedral with Bill. It would have been nicer if there hadn't been about a gazillion Boy Scouts there. One, because I don't really like the organization, and so it put me in a bad frame of mind and I couldn't get that nice peaceful feeling that church often gives me, and two because no one sang, and really, what's the point if there's no singing? (The choir sang, but we couldn't really hear them, and none of the Scouts or their leaders sang)
Then, the parents came again, and we went down to the NMAH so Mom could see where I work. We took advantadge of my employee discount at the restaurant and gift shop, and went to see Into the Deep (which I love). It was nice. They also brought me a futon, which is really nice, because it's comfy and gives me another place to sit, and is closer to the tv. And it means that people can come visit me and have a place to sleep that's not the floor or in my bed (which is especially nice because my new bed is a double, not a Queen like the old one), and that people have someplace else to sit. Which is doubly nice because that means I could, theoretically, entertain people in my room, not downstairs, which now has less room since my landlady's brother moved into the old living room, and she converted the dining room into a living/dining room. It's nice, and I'm the only person who ever used it, so it's all good.
This week was my last week at work, which made me sad. They had an ice cream party for me yesterday, including Phish Food, which my boss knew was my favorite1. They also gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble. So that's nice. Monday I have an interview at the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, which is run by the National Park Service, and so I'd have to wear a uniform, which would be amusing. There are a few other places I want to send my resume too as well.
Next week I'm going up to Massachusetts to see the boy and go to Becky's wedding in Connecticut, and then he's coming back to DC with me, which should be fun. And then back to school!

1. technically, Mint Chocolate Cookie is my favorite, but that's much harder to find.


Jul. 26th, 2005 02:38 pm
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Note to Self:
After boarding an airplane, in future, ensure that you return your ID to your wallet, so that when you go to the bank and they ask you for it, you actually can locate it. And just because the Smithsonian is a federal organization doesn't mean your work ID counts as gov't issued ID.

For those of you who've finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I give you this spolierific link filled with all kinds of yummy theories.

To amuse you, a quick work story. Last Friday (the 22nd) I wore The Best Skirt Evertm to work. Because I am still apparently 6 at heart, I was twirling in it in the kitchen/copy room while I waited for my boss to hit "OK" on a print job that required manual feed (we were printing postcards). Larry, the uberboss of the organization, came in to witness this stunning display of my inner child's glee at having a skirt that twirls. His response? "Oooh, fancy." He's old enough to be my grandfather. I felt like such a dork. Of course, that didn't stop me from doing that over and over again all day, including once in the elevator. Whee!
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Is it me, or does this sound made up?
di-isoburtyl cresoxy ethoxy ethyl di-methy benzyl ammonium chloride monohydrate
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SI Interns get one free IMAX movie a week. Today, during the work day, a bunch of us went to see Into the Deep at Natural History (there are IMAX theaters at Natural History and Air and Space). It was great. At first I thought we were sitting too close, but it turns out that nearly everything was right in front of my face. It was great. The 3D was really convincing. I want to go and see it again from a different seat.

This morning I worked in collections, which was fun. The "T" drawer is my favorite, because I can sit on the step stool in front of it and pull is out and it's right in my lap. Much easier to find things when you're not standing on a ladder. And when they're laid out flat. The cabinets of liquids are harder to find, b/c things are sometimes in the back of the shelves, and the lighting isn't great. And, of course, the smell is awful. I much prefer going through the pill drawers.
Then, I went to lunch. I ate with [livejournal.com profile] bluemoonshark and Laurie from GW. It was nice. It's so nice to be able to go to the staff cafeteria, and to know that there are people there to eat with.
After lunch I went to the movie (well, hung out first), and then I came home and made the Giant trip I posted about earlier. This is b/c my supervisors are in Scotland at a conference, and so they told us we didn't have to worry about coming in.


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