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OK, so.
I know some of you feel inclined to give me things this holiday season. In the interest of making that easier, I present you with my wishpot. Click on the "available" link on the left to see what hasn't already been purchased (and if you buy stuff, you can mark it so other people won't).

I also would like a new winter coat, preferably in a really vivid shade of blue.
And yarn, or a gift certificate to someplace that sells yarn.

Or, you can give to any charity that is near and dear to your heart, so long as it isn't the kind of place that would make me cranky. If you don't know what kind of charity would make me cranky, you haven't been paying attention.
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My 25th birthday is in 14 days. I know there are people out there who want to buy my things for this occassion (and keeping that in mind I've deliberately not bought everything for myself), so here's the list of what I need/want, mostly apartment-related.

First, a few notes about what I do have:
I have my major pieces of furniture- bed, desk, desk chair, bookshelf, dresser, couch/futon, floor lamp. (More about the furniture later) For the most part, it's white or black or silver, which is on purpose so that everything will match it. My desk chair is a pretty vibrant turquoise, and the furniture on my balcony (a table and two chairs) is a bright blue. This should not surprise anyone who knows me.
I am currently in the process of crocheting a throw blanket for my couch, which is turning out quite well. It has red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and white in it. (pictures will be forthcoming)
The floor is parquet.
My bathroom tile is blue, and so are my towels (not the same shade of blue). The bathroom has an underwater theme, again, no surprise to those who know me.
The kitchen is tiny and just a general neutral color. See the pictures for more.

OK, on to what I want/need:
More sheets- I have one set, but you can't really ever have too many. I have a full-size mattress.
Towels- I don't really need more bathroom towels, but I wouldn't say no to them either, as they certainly come in handy. I do need kitchen towels, as well as a place to hang said towels (my parents have a cool magnetic one that goes on the side of the fridge, something like that would be awesome.
Pots + pans- I have a gas stove/oven and no microwave. I have nothing to cook with. There are several places where one can purchase boxes that contain pretty much all the pots/pans/utensils a person might need. These kits usually don't have a tea kettle, which is also something I need.
Dishes- Once I've cooked all this food, I have to be able to eat it. I need nice, simple, everyday dishes, as well as glasses and flatware. There's a great set from Target on my wishpot.
Mirror- I have a mirror in the bathroom, obviously, but I would really love a full-length one (how else can you tell which shoes match the outfit better?).
Magnets- This is going to sound dorky, but one of the things I've looked forward to about having my own place is being able to put up my own refridgerator magnets. I really love the ones of famous historical figures sold here and elsewhere.
Plants- I have some bamboo and a succulent, and I've planted several seeds, but I'd love some plants that are already growing.
Desk lamp- I have a floor lamp, but I need a desk lamp. I really dig the Aquabetta lamp.
Worms- I want to try vermiculture composting, but I need a box for the worms to live in, and some worms (which I can mail order).
craft supplies- I have strong creative impulses, but I can't draw or sculpt or anything. What I am good at is "coloring inside the lines"- I'm good at things like crocheting and cross-stitching, where there's a pattern I can follow (or even without a pattern, where there's a technique I can follow). So I certainly wouldn't mind having more yarn, as well as the materials to do some more cross-stitching (I have embroidery floss and needles and a hoop, but not many patterns and no fabric to make pillows or anything like that- this includes the stuffing, which also would expand my crochet repetoire).
Cordless phone- The buzzer at my building works via the phone, and I now have landline service. I have a phone, but it's corded and I'd like to have a cordless as well.
A bike- I live 2.5 miles from work, and I like the idea of having a bike so that I can ride (which would be better than being at the mercy of the Metro on weekends). I kind of want a folding bike, like the ones they sell at Bikes at Vienna, since it would just make life easier.

The links part of my LJ has a link to my Wishpot, which gives you an idea of what I like and also where to get some of it.


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