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Here is my wishlist for my birthday. It's mostly stuff I imported to wishpot from my amazon wishlist, but there's some other stuff on there too.
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OK, so.
I know some of you feel inclined to give me things this holiday season. In the interest of making that easier, I present you with my wishpot. Click on the "available" link on the left to see what hasn't already been purchased (and if you buy stuff, you can mark it so other people won't).

I also would like a new winter coat, preferably in a really vivid shade of blue.
And yarn, or a gift certificate to someplace that sells yarn.

Or, you can give to any charity that is near and dear to your heart, so long as it isn't the kind of place that would make me cranky. If you don't know what kind of charity would make me cranky, you haven't been paying attention.

wish list

Jun. 25th, 2004 09:45 pm
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(I tried to do this before, but it didn't work)
My birthday is fast approaching. I'd like (in no particular order):
a new President
a new car
world peace
a new, cheap, environmentally friendly fuel
someone to invent time travel, so I can be a time-traveling anthropologist
someone to invent a transporter/teach me how to Apparate
an apartment in DC, preferably w/ cable and internet
a job in DC
plane tickets to Italy for spring break
an end to poverty
a cure for: Cancer, AIDS, arthritis, migraines
health care for all
an end to pollution
my own private island, including a lighthouse and a horse barn (w/ horses)

Barring that, I'd like (again, in no particular order):
the soundtracks to CAMP, Wicked, Avenue Q (not anymore, thanks Gabe), anything by Sondheim
Keeping the Faith (the movie, on DVD)
jewelry is always welcome
Tickets to see any of the above shows
anything that you think I'd like or should have

(It's July 6, for those who forgot) ;)


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