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If you are already in NYC and you want to see Santa, all you have to do is go to Harold Square and go to Macy's.
Sheesh, some people's Grandmothers must not tell them anything.


(My Grandmother [Dad's mom] insists, to this day, that the Macy's Santa is the one, true, genuine Santa and all the others are fake. This is the truth that I was raised with, well before I'd ever seen Miracle on 34th Street)
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You know, everyone talks about how much they want Jed Bartlett to be President (though less so now that we're counting down to the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama). But you know who I really want the chance to vote for? Sen. Laine Hanson. I just rewatched The Contender, and damn. She's just so full of integrity. I think I especially appreciate that they hit her with sexual "misconduct", because I just watched The Notorious Betty Page and so I've been thinking a lot about out country's fucked-up attitudes towards sexuality, especially female sexuality.
It doesn't hurt that I'm basically 100% in agreement with her politics.

Dear FCC

Dec. 2nd, 2008 11:21 pm
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I already have a digital TV and a digital antenna and get digital channels. In fact, I'm usually watching digital channels when I see the incredibly annoying commercials reminding me that TV's going digital in Feb. Which you've been showing since last Feb.
I get it. And I'm prepared. And I'm about to see if I can throw my antenna at your building.

Just sayin'.
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OK, this requires backstory.
My friend Dex woke up one morning several months back and couldn't walk because her knee is fucked up. Anyway, she then also moved in to the building down the street, and because we're neighbors it was easy for me to help her out with things. And we were joking one day that I was her valet, which turned into me being her Ianto. And this became a running joke among my friends.

So then Clio went to Dragon-Con last weekend and got me a personalized autographed picture of Gareth David-Lloyd that says "To Evelyn, from one teaboy to another".

The glee this brings me cannot properly be expressed in words. Not simply because of the picture, but because of the thought and plotting that went into it (Dex and Clio apparently had a whole plot about what it should say and how it was necessary). It is a silly little thing, but it makes me feel so special. And actually, they do that a lot, my friends, which I suppose is part of why they're my friends.
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Today at work, someone asked if anyone had a time machine, and I said I'd left my TARDIS in Cardiff. Yes, that was a Doctor Who/Torchwood reference. Sadly, no one at my office got it.

Also, I think I said something like "we'd need a time machine, but I seem to have misplaced mine. If you've seen a blue police box out back, let me know." I know I shouldn't make Doctor Who jokes at work, but they're just so easy! Esp. when people say "it's bigger inside than it looks from outside". Must... resist.. Time Lord jokes.

In other news, I am getting filmed tomorrow for an online video tour of the house. Apparently in the discussions it was decided that I was one of the only Rangers on staff who can actually speak well and entertainingly in front of a camera. Which is awesome, because once I put it on the web, it will be linked to my online resume.
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So, if you've been paying attention to the news at all, you've probably heard that the Writers Guild of America is on strike. Instead of working on new episodes of your favorite shows, they're marching in picket lines outside the major studios.
Because the corporations that produce the scripts they write don't think writers should get paid. You know how if you miss Heroes on Monday night you can go to NBC.com and watch it? Well, the writers get paid for it being on the air, but they don't get any money related to the reairing on the Internet. And they get $.04 for every DVD sold. The studios, however, get advertising revenue when the shows are watched online. And they make lots of money off those box sets of TV shows.
These shows wouldn't exists without the writers. You know how you think Steve Carell on The Office is hysterical? Well, about half of that is because he has good writing. (OK, Steve Carell's probably a bad example, he might actually be able to act a blank page). I don't want to diminsh the importance of the actors and their craft, because I know how hard acting is. But acting is easier with a good script. And the actors know this, which is why you'll see members of SAG (the Screen Actors Guild) marching in solidarity with the WGA. Your favorite shows exist because a bunch of writers make them exist. And they deserve fair compensation for their labor.
You might think "oh, it's Hollywood, they probably make way more than me anyway, what are they bitching about?" You'd be wrong. Writers aren't like movie stars. They probably make more than I do, but I'm willing to bet they work harder. And their work reaches a lot more people. And it's not a question of how much they make. It's a question of having their work recognized as their work.
And this sort of contract does affect you. Not just because it impacts whether or not Law and Order: SVU will be in reruns or not, but because it sets a precedent. It sets a precedent for the other creative guilds in Hollywood- the directors and the actors- but also for the way new media affects intellectual property contracts for all of us.
The Internet has radically impacted the way we look at intellectual property, and that affects contracts for anyone whose job involves the creation of anything at all.
Finally, it's a labor issue. I was a Teamster back when I worked for Tourmobile. My parents are both past presidents of their teachers' unions. We never went to the non-union grocery stores. And so, I'm going to stand with the workers. With labor. Because I will always support the people who actually do the work over the people who profit from it. I don't have a problem with the studios making money off of tv shows. I have a problem with them not fairly sharing that profit with the people who make it happen.
Pencils Down!

Read more about the WGA strike
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Dear ABC Family:
I appreciate you for making a sequel to The Cutting Edge, and even more for showing the two back-to-back. Because it was a good way to spend my Saturday night. However, in the future, consider:
a) Showing the first one before the sequel makes it even more obvious that neither DB Sweeney nor Moira Kelly was in the sequel.
b) I hate to nit-pick, but if Kate and Doug got together at the Albertville Olympics in 1992, their daughter would only be 14 for the 2006 Olympics in Torino. Which is very young for Olympic competition, especially pairs (as it helps to wait until the boys are old enough to lift the girls up). And since there are shots of her (and her partner) drinking legally, I'm fairly certain she was meant to be at least 21.
Oh well, this is not a movie meant for contemplation, it's a movie meant for watching people skate around and occasionally make stupid decisions and attempt to ignore chemistry until the inevitable but satisfying ending occurs. And it was good at that.
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My mother told me that she has a friend who wants me to meet some Russian artist that she knows so I can marry him and he can get his green card and move here. Apparently he has a brother here or something. But we know that I'm not the fondest of Russians in general. But I found it hilarious.
[livejournal.com profile] apopipsqueak claims she saw a commercial for The West Wing in which Josh and Donna are kissing, and Josh is in the room with Donna in his boxers. I nearly hyperventilated, because I've been waiting a very long time for that moment and I live vicariously through fictional characters.
Speaking of which, Grey's Anatomy is awesome, I'm in love with George, and if Meredith breaks his heart I will kill her and her Alzheimer's-afflicted mother can do the annoying voice-overs instead. Also, brain surgeons shouldn't punch people out, even if the people being punched are the "best friends" that slept with their wives.
That is all.


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