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Back in DC. Sans luggage, which will be delivered later. The nice girls at baggage assistance think it was a weight balance issue. I have my shiny new laptop here, most of what's checked is clothes, which I don't really need immediately, since I have lots of clothes in DC.

Bags finally got delivered on Wednesday, Jan 31. At work, which made getting home a real treat.
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Went to Alfred for Hot Dog Day. I miss Alfred. Mostly because I miss being someplace where 80% or more of the people I loved were a 5-10 minute walk away. I miss ducking through buildings to get out of the cold, and lunch in the asylum, and dinner in Ade after rehearsal, I miss waking up 10 minutes before a class started and getting there on time.
I left DC at 6:45 am Friday on an airplane that went from Buffalo to Pittsburgh, and then another one that went to Buffalo, where Mandie and Dale picked me up. Then we went back to Hornell, where Mandie lives. Kate met us at Mandie's, and then we all went over to Alfred for Honors Convocation, which was well-planned. They gave out the awards alphabetically by student, so it seemed to take less time then I remember it taking. Mandie and Albert got awards in their majors, and I saw Dr. Myers and Dr. Lantz. I didn't get to see Frau Singer, though. After we went to Friendly's, and then back to Mandie's. Where Kate and Mandie and I watched the first two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I fell out of the chair and made Dale think I was trying to crawl through the wall (he was sleeping). There was much cuddling.
Saturday was Hot Dog Day, and, in keeping with the words of our Alma Mater,1 it rained. A lot. But it was fun, and we managed to stay dry on occasion by ducking indoors. I didn't actually eat any hot dogs, just some Stearn's chicken and some fried dough. And spaghetti for dinner, which was "free" as a result of having given Alfred U some money. I also got a t-shirt that I think is rather on the unattractive side, but a better color than most Hot Dog Day shirts. And I got to see Erica and Mike and a few other alumni.
Sunday Kate got up early and went to church, then she and Mandie and Nathanael and Albert and I hung out, going to see the new equestrian facilities. We had lots of fun, and I bought two trashy romance novels at the library bookstore. Monday came too soon.
My flight from Buffalo was delayed and was going to make me miss my connection, so they put me on another plane. I had a choice of an earlier flight to LaGuardia to transfer or to take a direct flight from Buffalo to National, which is on the Metro (I was supposed to go to BWI, which is usually cheaper but a pain to get to/from) and got me to DC earlier than my flight was supposed to leave NYC.
So, all in all it was a good weekend and I got to see people that I love muchly. And now I have to make with the paper-writing and presentation-making and internship-getting so I can graduate.

1. "Where the murmuring song of the brook hums along, and a favoring sun ever shines." You can listen to it here
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I'm so exhausted. My flight left Syracuse at 7 this morning, which meant getting up at 4:30 to leave by 5, because it takes an hour to get there and you have to be there an hour in advance. That was thrilling, let me tell you. Then check-in, security, and wait for the plane. Got on, got to Newark. And so help me God, I will never fly to Newark again if I can help it. Usually I fly non-stop Syracuse-Dulles, but that wasn't possible. So Stop in Newark. And it was a short stop. I was worried for a bit, because I landed in Terminal C and had to take off from Terminal A, because for some reason known only to God and Satan (who I believe had the idea), Continental is based in C, but a few of their destinations (including DC) are out of A. So I had to catch the little train thingy. I made it, but I had to go out of the terminal, fight my way through the mob of people waiting for security, ride the train, and then go back through security, which is just terrible. The line wasn't long, but there are only so many times a day that I want to try to balance on one foot while holding a laptop, purse, coat, and laptop bag while I take off my boots. Actually, that number would be zero, but I can handle one. And, to top it off, while I had time to get from C to A, my suitcase apparently didn't. So I that messed up my plans a bit, but whatever. I'm now waiting for it to be delivered so I can unpack. I'm also washing my mattress pad (which desperately needed it) before I put my sheets on my new bed. I'm spending tonight in my new place, which is so much nicer. We have a dishwasher, newer appliances, a gigundo TV with DirecTV, and a piano. Except that the piano is horrifically out of tune (I may not have perfect pitch, but I'm pretty sure that's not what Middle C is supposed to sound like). And my roommate/landlady isn't home yet, so I've got it to myself, which is always a plus. I've got my computer, mp3 player, and speakers, as well as sheets, so I'll be good for a while. And when my suitcase gets here, it's a shower and then bed!
I went to my new grocery store to get food for lunch, and OMG, is it delightful. My old place is a block from what is known through out DC as the "ghetto Safeway", and those of you who've seen it can attest to the appropriateness of this moniker. It's not terrible, but damn is it nice to have a big "supermarket" that actually is super. It's big, has a good selection (two aisles of frozen food! An enourmous beer/wine section! huge produce dept!), and no less than 3 employees asked if they could help me. I think I had this "where am I" look on my face- really, I was trying to figure out the basic layout and decide what I needed/wanted, and felt like Dorothy and Co. when they first got to the Emerald City.
Listened to lots of peppy music today, expect for the second flight of the day, when I listened to Devils and Dust while I dozed. There's nothing like waking up with your mouth hanging wide open in public. I hope I didn't snore! But then the rest of the day it was The Ultimate Bobby Darin, Bette Midler Sings the Peggy Lee Songbook, and It Might as Well be Swing (which is Frank Sinatra and Count Basie's Orchestra with arrangements by Quincy Jones). Very fun for long Metro rides, esp. when you need something to pep you up.
I'm going to have some food soon, and hopefully I'll get my suitcase soon.
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OK, so, the little one was here this weekend. I picked her up at Union Station and brought her back here. Saturday, we got up and went off on a grand adventure. I give you a map for reference so you can follow our adventures. We started by getting on the Metro and going to the Capitol South Metro station, which is at 355 First Street, SE. We walked from there up to the Supreme Court, and then to the west side of the US Capitol. And of course, she was very excited. We didn't go in either, but we did see a guy power washing the steps of the Supreme Court. And Kristin took a ridiculous number of pictures over the course of the day.
From the Capitol, we walked down the National Archives, and saw the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and other shiny old bits of paper. And also a very cheesy movie about why it's important that we have these records and how they are important to democracy. From there, we went to the National Museum of National History, where we saw the Hope Diamond, and some dinosaur bones. Then we went to the National Museum of American History, where we saw the Ruby Slippers, and Kermit, and most importantly, The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden, so she could see all the presidential stuff. And then we walked over to the Washington Monument, and then the World War II Memorial, and then up to the Korean War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, and 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence Memorial and then to the White House. I didn't make her eep in front of it though. Then we were done, and we walked over to Chinatown, which is at about 7th and H NW, and went to dinner. Then we limped over to the Metro, went to the grocery store and bought ice cream, came here and watched Dodgeball on HBO and then just hung out.
This morning we went to church and then off to Union Station. It was fun, and the weather was glorious, although neither of us thought to put on sunscreen, which was bad, and now we both have very sore feet, but it was a good time.

July recap

Aug. 6th, 2005 04:54 pm
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Ok, so I haven't actually posted an informative, what's been going on entry.
The first weekend in July, I moved again, into the big bedroom in the house I've been living in since last year. It's a nice, big room, two rooms actually, with a huge closet, hardwood floors, and a door and a window in the wall in between them. I can watch the tv through the window from my bed. It's nice.
On the 4th, I ventured down to the Mall and watched the fireworks, but it wasn't quite as much fun as it would have been if I'd had friends with me.
Then, on my birthday, I flew home. Got presents and cake, the next day we went shopping and got me pretty things, including the Best Skirt Ever, some new sandals, and some nice tops. Went to Old-Timers' Day at Yankee Stadium that Saturday, with my parents and the boy.
Came back, worked, and then on Friday I flew home again to go see my friend Katie get married. I was a little cranky about it, until I saw how happy she was to have me there. I was the only single person at the table (and the only one under 40), but I had a good time. It was a lovely wedding- she was beautiful, and the reception was lovely- beautiful decorations, great food, good wine. Then we went to Albany and saw Bruce Springsteen, which was pretty good.
Then I had a weekend of no travel, except that we also had no power from some point Friday night/Saturday morning until some point on Sunday. Which you know, kinda put a damper on things. I could have gone out, but I didn't really want to. Sunday I went to church at Washington National Cathedral with Bill. It would have been nicer if there hadn't been about a gazillion Boy Scouts there. One, because I don't really like the organization, and so it put me in a bad frame of mind and I couldn't get that nice peaceful feeling that church often gives me, and two because no one sang, and really, what's the point if there's no singing? (The choir sang, but we couldn't really hear them, and none of the Scouts or their leaders sang)
Then, the parents came again, and we went down to the NMAH so Mom could see where I work. We took advantadge of my employee discount at the restaurant and gift shop, and went to see Into the Deep (which I love). It was nice. They also brought me a futon, which is really nice, because it's comfy and gives me another place to sit, and is closer to the tv. And it means that people can come visit me and have a place to sleep that's not the floor or in my bed (which is especially nice because my new bed is a double, not a Queen like the old one), and that people have someplace else to sit. Which is doubly nice because that means I could, theoretically, entertain people in my room, not downstairs, which now has less room since my landlady's brother moved into the old living room, and she converted the dining room into a living/dining room. It's nice, and I'm the only person who ever used it, so it's all good.
This week was my last week at work, which made me sad. They had an ice cream party for me yesterday, including Phish Food, which my boss knew was my favorite1. They also gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble. So that's nice. Monday I have an interview at the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, which is run by the National Park Service, and so I'd have to wear a uniform, which would be amusing. There are a few other places I want to send my resume too as well.
Next week I'm going up to Massachusetts to see the boy and go to Becky's wedding in Connecticut, and then he's coming back to DC with me, which should be fun. And then back to school!

1. technically, Mint Chocolate Cookie is my favorite, but that's much harder to find.
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So, I am now the proud owner of a GLiDE card, which means I get free1 travel to anywhere they fly East of the Mississippi on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and 20% off on any other day, or anywhere West of the Mississippi. Oh, the joys of being a college student.
What this means, my beloved readers, is that I can come and visit you. My work schedule still needs working out, but this is a good start. So request your Imperial Audience today.

1. I have to pay the taxes and fees on the flight, but no fare. And I had to pay $249 for the card, but that works out to 4 one-way tickets on those days that it's free. So it's worth it, b/c that's two round trips, which I'd be making anyway.
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So, I keep meaning to update my journal, and tell the tale of my trip back from Philly and the alternator that died and the super nice tow truck driver and the nice repair guy who talked to me like I could understand and how amazing my parents and friends are. My parents for coming to get me and my friends for offering to. And also the story of driving back from CT after dark in the snow that reminded us that Alfred is its own weather system. But I have not. Much like I have not finished my thesis, or even accomplished much in terms of my thesis, aside from actually spending a day at the Holocaust museum in DC over Spring Break. The journal is getting ignored, though I meant to do it yesterday. However, the migraine that made me throw up all my brunch and spend most of Sunday afternoon curled up in my bed squashed those plans most efficiently. I have tons to do this week, and two papers due on Friday the ninth, which is Good Friday (not that I really care, but it reminds me how fast the semester is moving). However, I did spend some quality time with nifty people this weekend, so that's pretty good.
Anyway, I did get some writing done on my thesis, and it is moving pretty fast when I force myself to work, though I find myself noticing all kinds of places where I have to do research to confirm dates and such. Which is good, b/c it will expand my bibliography.
Mostly I'm just having that weird combination feeling wherein I'm overwhelmed and apathetic at the same time- I have too much to do and don't feel like doing any of it. I just want to graduate and go to work and read and move into a snazzy apartment and be a grad student. None of which will happen if I don't finish my thesis or my other work. So I should stop writing in this journal and go to lunch.
PS- it's a beautiful day here today, which is nice b/c spring is nice, but spring means the semester is rapidly progressing.
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So, it's been a while. I'm bad with this whole journaling thing.
I went to a wedding in PA, which was nice, b/c I saw some people I hadn't seen in a while and because weddings are such happy things. I "caught" the bouquet. Actually, I dodged it, and then picked it up because somebody had to. Very grateful that my ex didn't catch the garter, esp. as he was not entirely wonderful the whole day (he wasn't bad, but there were a few moments that reminded me of exactly why I broke up with him).
Took the GREs on Wednesday, which was of course a thrill a minute. Finished early, which is par for the course with me. The math section was damn hard, and there should be calculators allowed. I don't remember the last math class I took where calculators weren't allowed. That means the test isn't fairly testing what we learned.
Got an e-mail today of news both awesome and dissapointing. Awesome part is that Prof. Wolfgang Wippermann, author of numerous books and a very well respected academic was "impressed" with a paper I wrote. How cool is that? Bad news is that I have lost the photos I took to go with said paper. I suppose they are in some way replaceable, but it is still a major bummer. But the cool part is still giving me a bit of a buzz.
Now comes the question of what to do with my life. Grad school or work? I don't know. I get a real thrill at the thought of going to grad school and becoming a curator or librarian, but at the same time, I wonder if that work would make enough of a difference in the world for me to be satisfied. I don't feel ready for divinity school just yet, though I feel that that is something I could do later in my life. I like also the idea of working for a while and saving money and being a grown up and then going to grad school if that's what I want to do. Which I think is the smartest course of action for me right now. Find a job, join a church, join a gym, and then after about 5 years go to school if I feel that's the right thing, or keep working if I find a job I really love. But the finding a job part is the hard part. Esp. finding a job that I am qualified for and that pays reasonably well and that doesn't involve doing something I'm opposed to (there was a good looking job on our school's job page, but you did research in support of the military).
Anyway, I think that what I should do now is get dressed (it is 12:30 already
) and get ready to go to the movies later. And maybe work on my resume (anyone know how to incorporate a semster abroad into your resume?).


Dec. 15th, 2003 12:07 pm
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I'm done. I skipped back to my apartment on Monday after successfully completing and presenting my paper. Then I went out and got drunk with the other members of my group after hearing one of them give a recital. It was pleasant. Being done felt good.
Then I flew home on Wednesday, which was good. I like America somedays.
On Friday I went to Alfred and saw people that I missed. This was also good. I am waiting for one more professor to reply to me regarding my thesis comittee. If she says yes, I will be done with that part too. I saw Prof. Singer, which was very good, esp as now I will have a German minor (seeing as how I went to Germany and all). Basically, all is right with the world. Kate finished the evil engineering thesis, Nathanael has a job, and last night I broke up with Ashley. He took it rather well, which makes me feel good. It took about 8 minutes. What can I say, I'm efficient.
Yesterday's drive home from Alfred was rather harrowing. Spent much of the time on the Thruway going 45 mph or under. The speed limit is 65 mph. Went off the road twice, but no damage done, unlike many of the unlucky people I saw who hit guardrails or went down emabankments and needed tow trucks. I get the feeling sometimes that God is watching out for me, possibly because my friends and family nag him so much. I appreciate that.
Had Thanksgiving dinner last night too, which was yummy. Now I am going to go downstairs and have leftover turkey sandwhiches. Yay.
More later.


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