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Bad news: My phone broke today
Good news: I got a new one for free!
Bad news: They weren't able to transfer my contacts.
Good news: They were able to transfer my pictures. And they said they'd hold onto it, but I realized I have other sources for most of the numbers I need.
The service was incredible, I'm calling tomorrow to tell a manager.
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Dear people who make phones:
There is no reason that my phone should make sound when it turns off. I want to turn it off so that it doesn't ring whilst I am in class or church or the movies or the theater. Should I forget to turn it off beforehand, I want to be able to do so without anyone noticing. You not allowing me to turn this particular sound off serves only to irritate me.
No love,
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At approx. 11 AM, the very nice FedEx people rang my bell and delivered unto me a shiny new phone.
It now longs for me to fill it with the phone numbers of my dearly beloved.
Leave a comment with your number in it if you wish. They're screened.


Mar. 1st, 2006 10:15 pm
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Sometimes, when I'm online, I may not notice that you IM'd me. I'm still getting used to Trillian, and it's a little weird with notifications. I only say this because I've missed a few people saying goodbye before they sign off and I don't want people to think I'm ignoring them, because I'm not.
That is all.

Well, that and I kick ass at Jeopardy! And also I feel smart when I solve both the Sudoku and the Crossword without help (I needed crossword help yesterday). Now I just have to solve one of those damn Samurai Sudokus. Then I'll be a genius.
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Today, I finished training and got certified to do the cemetary (and would have done actual tours but I had to go to class), solved a Soduko and two crossword puzzles, kicked butt at Jeopardy! and am now watching the Olympics (Ladies' free skate!) while I hem my pants (with thread, by hand). I feel smart and accomplished. And also dorky and domestic, but that's the way I like it.
I am a touch dissapointed that my Thermos doesn't seem to therm as well as I'd like (yes, I know that's not a word). It doesn't keep things hot as long as I'd like, but I'm going to try again tomorrow (I want to take tea to have at lunch).
Tomorrow, I give unsupervised tours to actual paying customers. Wish me luck!
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My parents came down on Friday, and I met them in their hotel after I got out of work. I'll be so glad when training is over- it's annoying.
As always, they brought me some good stuff. My She-Ra lunch box, which I realize is supremely dorky, but it's also very retro, and I love it. Plus, no one will mistake it for their lunch. The thermos doesn't hold much, but since it's got water in it for now, that's ok. Also cloth shopping bags for groceries, and my Mom bought me a bunch of bath/shower stuff, including bubble bath. And a very nice new black skirt that is velvety and twirly at the same time. I walked home from their hotel in the skirt, my black Docs, and my shirt from work. I also took the wine and brie and crackers that the hotel gave them.
Saturday we went to the Phillips Collection. Then back to my place so they could see it, and we exchanged computers. I've had my Dad's laptop for the past few months while mine got repaired. Then we went to a very nice dinner in the hotel and hung out being silly for a little while. Sunday we went to church (I was singing, one of the reasons they came), and then to Georgetown for brunch.
Today, my computer decided that it didn't want to start windows, which sucked. I had to reset it to factory settings using the system restore disks that came with it. And this is after I downloaded a bunch of programs yesterday. But it's ok, because I'm fairly certain that I backed up all the documents I might want, and definitely all my pictures. And all my songs are on my mp3 player, and I have the disks for that and my digital camera. I need to re-acquire the software that lets me log onto GW's wireless network, but that's easy enough to do. Google has a very handy thing, called "Googlepack" that includes a whole bunch of google software, like Google Earth and Desktop search, as well as Firefox, Norton Anti-Virus, AdAware, and Trillian. So I got a huge amount of functionality restored from one download. Because Google is fantastic, and I happily await the day when they rule the world.
On a completely unrelated note, I made a playlist today of music to listen to before church. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to church, so I take my mp3 player, and I like to listen to church-y music. If any of my dear readers have some appropriate music (and I know you do) that they'd like to share with me, I'd be very grateful.
Watching ice dancing on tv now, and then time for sleeping.
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(Ok, so it's not from a song. Deal)

:( Tried to call the boy (he was online, huzzah), but it wouldn't let me. I ordered an AT&T calling card online and it was "delivered" to me online (the internet is a cool thing, I'm tellin' ya). But I couldn't complete the call. :( Don't know why. Tried calling Customer Service, got a machine, w/ no "to speak to an actual human being" option. They tried to make the machine sound like a real person, but I can tell the difference. Maybe it's that fancy Anthropology degree I got... Anyway, emailed them and they are working on it. But no talking to the boy. I need to find a cheaper card anyway, as I'm not sure what I've got is the best deal. But I know that AT&T is reputable. I can't direct dial from my phone, which is ok, as Verizon (like everybody else) doesn't want to tell you how much it will cost (nothing like the surprise of a giagantic phone bill).
So, I'm doing laundry, and I just finished a rather late lunch of pasta and sauce. I should probably do some grocery shopping, but eh...
In happier news, The Princess Bride is on Bravo. Mmmm, Carey Elwes. Because occasionally we need proof that the universe is of the good.
Yanks/Orioles game was on here last night, but as I had no one to cuddle with and nothing else to do, I didn't really watch it. (That's not in any way relevant to anything, just babbling).
Khristina left me a message with her contact info, but then my computer decided to by naughty and I lost it, and then AIM was weird and wouldn't let me see the new windows, and ugh. But this wireless internet is definitely a positive thing- I can use the internet in any room of the house. It's cool not being bound to one place in the house.
Ok, I really want to see Garden State . Just in case you care. And I really hate seeing 9/11 commercialized. (Commercial for the Freedom Tower Silver Dollar. Makes me very cranky.) I shouldn't do LJ updates while watching tv, should I?
OK, dishes must be washed, and clothes need to go into the dryer. More later (b/c you can hardly wait for the next thrilling installment).


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