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This is only the second paper I've had to write while in Germany. Which is probably the problem. I'm out of practice. And I have no idea how long it is at present, nor do I seem able to write an introduction or conclusion, nor do I know if the paper is good at all. And it should be. The grade will transfer as Pass/Fail, but I'll know. And in theory, this will go on to be half of my thesis. Which I am dreading. One of the other students (who I thought was a moron) has 24 pages. I don't think I've ever written a 24 page paper in my life. Granted, most of my profs don't want anything that long (thank you God), but still, if they did, I'm not sure I could pull it off.
I just want this paper to be finished, and then I want to get on the plane and go home and see people that like me and that I like. And knowing that it's so soon almost makes it harder to tough it out. But I'm not completely packed. maybe between 75-80%, but still. Basically, I just want to curl up in a ball and wait for things to be better. But, that won't work, so back to the typing.

Good day

Nov. 21st, 2003 03:23 pm
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So, I had two German tests today. One in class, because we finished our book. I did well, which is nice. What's even nicer is that then I had an oral exam, because today was my last day of German class. It was with my teacher, and I had to talk about various stuff. She told me then that my German was good, and after asking if I was satisfied with my progress and my skills, told me I should be because she was. It was nice. I like it when people are nice to me. My cheeks hurt from smiling. Because, on top of that, I got to talk to Kate and Cassandra on the phone yesterday and Kristin and Albert online today. Life is good.
That's about it for now, my hands hurt from typing a writing assignment, since it's been a while since I typed so much and I miss my ergonomic keyboard. But it'S all good because I will be in America soon with mashed potatoes and turkey and halfmoons and my friends and whatnot.


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