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So, I turned in my thesis on May 3rd and got my Honors medallion (it's a walrus, which is our seal, get it?), and got my regalia and everything. Passsed all my finals and I have now graduated. Had more stuff around my neck than would actually fit, but it was cool. Happy that I am now the proud owner of a BA, freaked out that I have to find a job and a place to live and start school all over again in the fall. I've never had to make so many of my own decisions and arrangements before- it's weird. Also freaked out because I'm done with Alfred. It hasn't really sunk in yet- I'm not sure that it will anytime soon, since I'd not be at Alfred at this time anyway, as it's summer. I need a job here to earn money, since I quit the counseling job so I could have more free time and be closer to my family.
I'm feeling some of the same loneliness that always accompanies the end of the year- my parents are cuddly and good, but it's not the same. I also have lots of things to do- such as unpacking and going to the bank and whatnot- tomorrow is Tuesday and voting for the school board, so I'll do that tomorrow and maybe get some books from the library and put some money in my bank account. And then I have to write GW a check and fill out paperwork that makes me a real student there. And then find a job here and there. So much to do. And the BA in Comparative Cultures is not so useful. Hence the Grad School.

Oh, btw, seeing my name multiple times in the program was very nifty.

Watching Colonial House right now, on PBS. Very nifty- I would totally like to be on one of these shows in this series.
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So, I keep meaning to update my journal, and tell the tale of my trip back from Philly and the alternator that died and the super nice tow truck driver and the nice repair guy who talked to me like I could understand and how amazing my parents and friends are. My parents for coming to get me and my friends for offering to. And also the story of driving back from CT after dark in the snow that reminded us that Alfred is its own weather system. But I have not. Much like I have not finished my thesis, or even accomplished much in terms of my thesis, aside from actually spending a day at the Holocaust museum in DC over Spring Break. The journal is getting ignored, though I meant to do it yesterday. However, the migraine that made me throw up all my brunch and spend most of Sunday afternoon curled up in my bed squashed those plans most efficiently. I have tons to do this week, and two papers due on Friday the ninth, which is Good Friday (not that I really care, but it reminds me how fast the semester is moving). However, I did spend some quality time with nifty people this weekend, so that's pretty good.
Anyway, I did get some writing done on my thesis, and it is moving pretty fast when I force myself to work, though I find myself noticing all kinds of places where I have to do research to confirm dates and such. Which is good, b/c it will expand my bibliography.
Mostly I'm just having that weird combination feeling wherein I'm overwhelmed and apathetic at the same time- I have too much to do and don't feel like doing any of it. I just want to graduate and go to work and read and move into a snazzy apartment and be a grad student. None of which will happen if I don't finish my thesis or my other work. So I should stop writing in this journal and go to lunch.
PS- it's a beautiful day here today, which is nice b/c spring is nice, but spring means the semester is rapidly progressing.


Mar. 4th, 2004 04:09 pm
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So, I should be writing a paper on the history of Buddhism and its major schools right now, but I thought I'd update. It's been a good week. I checked my mail on Saturday, and there was an envelope from George Washington University. Inside said envelope was a letter accepting me to their Museum Studies Department. Life is good. Then on Tuesday I got an e-mail from Dr. Myers (he's my advisor and a super nice guy) telling me to stop on by his office. When I did so, I was informed that I have been selected as one of the twenty students being invited to join Alfred University's newly founded chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Yay me. And yay Kate, who's an engineer and still has enough liberal arts credits to be eligable. Life is good. Occasionaly so good that I worry something horrible will happen to balance it all out, but I don't really believe that, and I'm hoping that nothing horrible will happen to balance everything out. But basically, life is good, at least for now.
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So, been a while since my last update. I have a tendancy to plan entries in my head, and then not actually type them. I am currently going through much debate about whether to link to my journal in my AIM profile, as I'm not sure if I want people I see every day to read it, but then it feels silly if other people aren't reading it, though my good friends already have the link. Anywhoo
Last weekend was good. My parents came for Valentine's Day and brought a filing system, my bookshelf, halfmoons, and a new book (Jasper Fforde's Lost in a Good Book, sequel to The Eyre Affair, both of which I heartily recommend). Saturday night I went to see The Vagina Monologues, which was most excellent and made me feel empowered. Then on Sunday we (Kate and I) watched Iron Jawed Angels on HBO, about Alice Paul and other women who got us the Suffrage Amendment so I can vote now (thanks ladies). It was a weekend of female empowerment for me.
Then I was unproductive and read my new book and had PMS of the sleepy and uninterested variety. But I am better now. Accomplished a few things later in the week, (after finishing said book), and I am working on other things to accomplish. I completely redid my website, which is nifty, and I applied to graduate, also nifty (though slightly scary). I think other things happened last week, Like the 8:30 am meeting with my advisor, which went well. Time is moving too fast for the scant amount of progress being made on my thesis, but I think all will end well.
This past weekend was slightly less wonderful, though good, as I went shopping, saw a dance concert and a collection of scenes from Oscar Wilde, caught up on some neglected class reading, and watched Sex and the City (tres excellent). I also played my first game of racquetball on Friday, for an hour with Kate, part of said hour was spent with me laughing hysterically on the floor, which is good. I also registered for a job fair thingy in Philly at the end of my spring break, which is also good.
Now I am working on preparing a presentation for tomorrow night and catching up on reading for tomorrow's Sociology of Families exam (though I'm not overly worried about it).
I should go be productive now.
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I had a very very good day today. I went to class, and then I had a meeting at the career center, and felt all kinds of good about myself. Then they had buffalo chicken wraps at lunch. They also had chocolate chip cookies and rice krispie treats, which I thought was awfully auspicious for the job interview I had after lunch, which it was. They loved me and offered me the job right there. It's a summer thing, which is good if I go to grad school. And then I had more class, and we talked about Unitarians (it was Asian Religions, I'll explain later), and then I went to Olean with Kate and she got her cell phone fixed and we had Pizza Hut for dinner and it was yummy. And tonight is the 100th episode of Angel. And we had an awesome orchestra rehearsal and afterwards the hot German guy talked to me (though I didn't know he was German at first, till I heard his accent). I am very very happy.
Plus, last night we got to play in special collections and hang out with the archivist (she's nifty and the wife of my nifty career counseler) and we got copies (well, originals) of Freshmen Bibles from the 1930s. Life is most excellent. Yay God.

Let's just hope it doesn't crash down all around me....


Jan. 15th, 2004 01:35 pm
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I am in the process of packing for Alfred. It's nifty to think I'll actually have my own stuff in my room, but weird to think of only having the one room. It means I have to weed out stuff. I have so many books, most of which I don't need, but I can't bear the thought of leaving them home. It's not home to me without books. I'm trying to figure out how much room I'll have, and though I have the dimensions of the rooms, I don't know furniture sizes, or where the window is or the closet. I didn't know what room I'd be in till yesterday. Well, actually today, because they had to change the assignment, as the previous occupant of the first room won't be gone in time for me to move in on Sunday. I have to move in alone, or wait till Monday, but that would mean I didn't have time for getting books or signatures on Monday.
I don't have a phone number yet though.
I like the part where I get to think about all different possible room arrangements. It's fun. Not so much a fan of not remembering where I put all my stuff last May. I also spend time thinking about what I'll be doing after graduation, and of course have lots of fun ideas about what it'll be like. Though it would be better if I had a job offer or grad school acceptance first. Though to have those, I'd have to finish my applications first....
In other news (practically all they talk about on the news here) it's colder than really anything ought to be allowed to be here.
Also had a horrible migrane yesterday, complete with vomiting up the pizza we had for dinner. Got annoyed at my mother because she has this wacky theory that curling up in bed is not a good plan when one has a migraine. Whatever.
On the plus side, before the pain, saw a decent movie Shattered Glass about a reporter who made up his stories. Last week I saw The Station Agent which was also very good. If they come in your neighborhood, I recommend them- I saw them at our local art museum.
On Monday I got my car inspected while my mother and I went to my doctor's appointment in Syracuse, which was not fun b/c the roads were very bad on the way out. Better on the way home. Assuming that the temperature gets about freezing, my car should start and drive, which will be handy.
Smokey (the cat) caught a mouse today. He was mewing like crazy this morning, which is very unusual, as he is normally very quiet. I tried to call him into my bed, but he didn't come (thank goodness) I got up, and saw that he had something in his mouth and told him to drop it, which he did (good boy). It was a mouse, still alive. He mananged to recatch it a few times, before it scurried away. Hopefully he catches it again. But I don't want him to eat it, b/c that's not good for him. I am however, very proud of him, esp considering that he lacks front claws. He is a good cat.


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