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I am the Master of the Universe!
Magister Mundi sum!

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"Magister" also means "teacher." Well, if you're a man. Technically, "Magistra mundi sum" since I'm a woman. Or it could be "Regina mundi sum" : "I am the Queen of the world". (incidentally, I love Latin, for the way the complexity of the grammar makes for such beautiful conciseness and is so logical, and allows such beautiful poetic expression)

Oh, and the new Thursday Next books are out in paperback. I am happy. Had I known, I would have gone to B&N on my lunch and acquired them. But maybe I shall get them soon. Concert Friday night, Hall of Fame w/ Gabe on Saturday, down to DC on Sunday. Hoping to find housing. Have one appointment, another woman is leaving town (grr) but she wants a resume and references. Called two apartment buildings today, both all full up, but one put me on a waiting list. Might not need it if this one place pans out though.
I *must* put batteries in my cd player so as to help the day go by faster. And so as to have happy music to cheer me up. Gabe called during work, which was happy, but then the two apartments were full, which made me sad. I was literally on the brink of tears. Which sounds crazy, but hey.
I believe in the fundamental goodness of the universe. I believe that the universe is at best, benevolent, and at worst, ambivalent. I believe that the Power(s) That Be (Is, whatever) is (are) again, at best, loving and good and generous and nice, and at worse, simply disinterested. So I believe that God will help me find a place to live. So I am praying for strength and housing, and being grateful for the ridiculous amount of good things that (S)He has given me over the past 22 years. I refuse to accept that I'm not supposed to go to DC, b/c a rejection letter would have accomplished that more efficiently, and the fellowship seems suffiecient evididence to the contrary. So maybe I'm supposed to meet this girl and live with her and we will be lifelong friends or something. Here's hoping.
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So, last weekend, the boy and I went to DC to try and find me an apartment. We had no luck. Partly b/c no one called me back, which is really infuriating. I already had the hotel room, and was hoping people would call me back while we were driving. Someone did, but that was the only guy who had called me back, and that was to cancel b/c the apartment he was going to show me had been rented. Grrr. But we had a good time. I learned the following things:
-you have to pay attention to the little letters at the end of the street address, or else you wind up way on the other side of town
- shoes from easy spirit are not necessarily good for walking in
- my boyfriend is not only handsome and funny, he is also very patient
- New York Ave will take you to NY
- There's a reason the EconoLodge is so damn cheap (I actually already knew that)

Oh, and the room I did see, that I didn't want but then was going to take so that I'd have a place to sleep at least, was gone when I called. I am trying to take this as a sign, but I don't know what of. I would appreciate prayers on my behalf. I also don't think it's a good sign that I can't find the "consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air" bit in the Bible when I search it on bible.com (Albert, or other scripturally versed people, if you're reading this, help me out). I have found another potential roommate, and I may go down this weekend to see her and her place, we'll see (preferably I'll have other people to visit too).

I did, however, thouroughly enjoy my time with the boy, who as I said is a very good boy. And I drove over the George Washington bridge and successfully merged onto the Major Deegan, so I think on some level the trip was a success, just not in terms of getting what I was looking for. But it was educational, and we got to see cool stuff at the Smithsonian (like Dorothy's ruby slippers). So, even if the guys down the hall were drug dealers, it's all good. :)

In other news, my job is ridiculously dull. At least when they had no work for me I could read books and do the crossword puzzle, but now I have 8 hours of mind-numbing number checking (SS numbers and acct. numbers). But the pay doesn't suck, and I could be doing much worse work. I consider it paying my dues.
Speaking of paying, I also got word on my loan. Bad news: I will be in debt when I graduate. Good news: I got enough to pay off the rest of my tuition and help me w/ rent and what not. So that's a good thing. See, these are the signs that say I'm supposed to go there. Maybe I'm supposed to live w/ the girl who called me on Sat. (and not the sketchy guy w/ the $0 rent and the one bedroom...)

Also, I finally found my CDs, which I'd been missing, and so now I get to listen to Songs for a New World again, which brings happiness. And the sun is shining (at least is was today, before it went down). And that's about it, I think...
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So, it's been a while. I'm bad with this whole journaling thing.
I went to a wedding in PA, which was nice, b/c I saw some people I hadn't seen in a while and because weddings are such happy things. I "caught" the bouquet. Actually, I dodged it, and then picked it up because somebody had to. Very grateful that my ex didn't catch the garter, esp. as he was not entirely wonderful the whole day (he wasn't bad, but there were a few moments that reminded me of exactly why I broke up with him).
Took the GREs on Wednesday, which was of course a thrill a minute. Finished early, which is par for the course with me. The math section was damn hard, and there should be calculators allowed. I don't remember the last math class I took where calculators weren't allowed. That means the test isn't fairly testing what we learned.
Got an e-mail today of news both awesome and dissapointing. Awesome part is that Prof. Wolfgang Wippermann, author of numerous books and a very well respected academic was "impressed" with a paper I wrote. How cool is that? Bad news is that I have lost the photos I took to go with said paper. I suppose they are in some way replaceable, but it is still a major bummer. But the cool part is still giving me a bit of a buzz.
Now comes the question of what to do with my life. Grad school or work? I don't know. I get a real thrill at the thought of going to grad school and becoming a curator or librarian, but at the same time, I wonder if that work would make enough of a difference in the world for me to be satisfied. I don't feel ready for divinity school just yet, though I feel that that is something I could do later in my life. I like also the idea of working for a while and saving money and being a grown up and then going to grad school if that's what I want to do. Which I think is the smartest course of action for me right now. Find a job, join a church, join a gym, and then after about 5 years go to school if I feel that's the right thing, or keep working if I find a job I really love. But the finding a job part is the hard part. Esp. finding a job that I am qualified for and that pays reasonably well and that doesn't involve doing something I'm opposed to (there was a good looking job on our school's job page, but you did research in support of the military).
Anyway, I think that what I should do now is get dressed (it is 12:30 already
) and get ready to go to the movies later. And maybe work on my resume (anyone know how to incorporate a semster abroad into your resume?).


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