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No, this has nothing to do with Good Friday. I'm not going to say happy Good Friday, because well, it's the day your god was crucified and not really a happy day (although I suppose it is in the whole "dying for your sins" sense). I will say a slightly belated Happy Passover to my Jewish readers. May you recline at the seder table in Jerusalem next year.

But this has to do with being happy to be at home. I got off work (after putting in a smidge of overtime doing nothing but being on hand in case I was needed). I had, as usual, a pretty good day, though there's some drama with some of my coworkers. But I got a nice big paycheck (30 hours of work), and I had this very cute little girl say "You're very nice" when she got off the tram, so how could that not be a good day? I went to the grocery store after and actually bought more than I'd intended to, but virtually no junk food (except for the candy bars, but what I do is break big bars of good chocolate into servings and then put it in little baggies, and I take that in my lunch for dessert at work). I got pizza for supper, which I've now eaten, and took care of the chocolate and did other prep things while it baked and I watched Jeopardy.
Lynn Rae (the roommate)'s gone for the weekend so I'm not wearing any pants, which is fun, and watching Raiders of the Lost Ark on DVD (it's Lynn Rae's, but it's in the DVD player). So that kind of has to do with Passover, because of the whole Ark of the Covenant thing. Also, I was very amused that there is, in this film, a Snake on the Plane.
Anyway, I'm reminded of why Indiana Jones is on my list of "Sexiest Fictional Characters":
  1. Harrison Ford. Do I really need to say more? Harrison Ford alternately in a tweed three-piece suit and a fedora. And three days without a shave. Thank you, Mr. Speilburg.
  2. He fights Nazis. How can you not love someone who fights Nazis?
  3. He speaks about a gazillion languages. And what girl doesn't love a man who's good with tongues?
  4. He knows about mythology and religion and the occult.
  5. He wisecracks.
  6. He thinks outside the box.
  7. He doesn't leave men behind (unless they're evil).
  8. He's well-traveled.
  9. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty.
  10. The whip. Make of that statement what you will.
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Dear ABC Family:
I appreciate you for making a sequel to The Cutting Edge, and even more for showing the two back-to-back. Because it was a good way to spend my Saturday night. However, in the future, consider:
a) Showing the first one before the sequel makes it even more obvious that neither DB Sweeney nor Moira Kelly was in the sequel.
b) I hate to nit-pick, but if Kate and Doug got together at the Albertville Olympics in 1992, their daughter would only be 14 for the 2006 Olympics in Torino. Which is very young for Olympic competition, especially pairs (as it helps to wait until the boys are old enough to lift the girls up). And since there are shots of her (and her partner) drinking legally, I'm fairly certain she was meant to be at least 21.
Oh well, this is not a movie meant for contemplation, it's a movie meant for watching people skate around and occasionally make stupid decisions and attempt to ignore chemistry until the inevitable but satisfying ending occurs. And it was good at that.
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Yesterday, I slept in, then I went off to campus. Picked up my loan refund check, got blood drawn, deposited my check, got some food (a bagel w/ cream cheese and a Mint Chocolate Chip Frappacino). Went to the bookstore, where I spent over $200 on books, all for one class (11 books). I also got Lemon-Lime lip gloss from Burt's Bees and a hole puncher. Then I headed off to Staples for school supplies, and got a notebook and pencils and some legal pads for my portfolio thingy. Then I went off to see Brokeback Mountain.
Which was exceptionally good. It's beautiful to look at (even with Jake and Heath aren't in the shot). The acting is great by everyone. I feel like it really captured the friendship element of their relationship as well as the romantic. And even though I knew it was coming, their first exploration of that side of their relationship is pretty unexpected. I admit to thinking when Jake Gyllenhaal's character meets Anne Hathaway's character "They'd make really beautiful babies together." And then thinking "yeah, and Jake and I would also make really beautiful babies. They'd have great blue eyes." But it's a great movie- well-written, well-directed, and well-acted. It's also heartwrenching, so take tissues and chocolate when you go.
Then I swung by Radio Shack to get a universal remote because the remote to my VCR is cracked out and will only perform certain functions. This would be fine, if one of them was to program my VCR, since really the whole reason I have a VCR is to be able to tape Gilmore Girls while I'm at choir. (Well, and to watch Disney movies)
Then back here. Where I punched holes in choir music and ate dinner and watched about half of the first season of Buffy on DVD because Firefly hasn't been on lately and I needed my Joss Whedon.

Today I made the very exciting discovery that I have a CD with over 1000 of my photos on it. Of course, there's a high level of duplication, but still, I didn't think I had them here. So I went a little crazy over at facebook and added a whole bunch of photos. And some people.
I also was very excited when I went hunting for my Berlin guidebook (to aid me in captioning some photos from Berlin) and found it, and realized I hadn't cataloged it yet. So I promptly did that.
And now I'm going to eat, because the only thing I've eaten all day has been crackers. (I went down to get food but there were people in the kitchen and I was in sweats and a tank top. And it was really the prospect of making my peanut butter on toast in front of people I wasn't happy about.)
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SI Interns get one free IMAX movie a week. Today, during the work day, a bunch of us went to see Into the Deep at Natural History (there are IMAX theaters at Natural History and Air and Space). It was great. At first I thought we were sitting too close, but it turns out that nearly everything was right in front of my face. It was great. The 3D was really convincing. I want to go and see it again from a different seat.

This morning I worked in collections, which was fun. The "T" drawer is my favorite, because I can sit on the step stool in front of it and pull is out and it's right in my lap. Much easier to find things when you're not standing on a ladder. And when they're laid out flat. The cabinets of liquids are harder to find, b/c things are sometimes in the back of the shelves, and the lighting isn't great. And, of course, the smell is awful. I much prefer going through the pill drawers.
Then, I went to lunch. I ate with [livejournal.com profile] bluemoonshark and Laurie from GW. It was nice. It's so nice to be able to go to the staff cafeteria, and to know that there are people there to eat with.
After lunch I went to the movie (well, hung out first), and then I came home and made the Giant trip I posted about earlier. This is b/c my supervisors are in Scotland at a conference, and so they told us we didn't have to worry about coming in.
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I'm not sure that any of you care, but I had to look it up and see, because it was driving me nuts. Warning, there are spoilers, so if you haven't seen the last season of Buffy and don't want to know anything at all about it, stop reading (no major plot points, mostly character mentions, but I might give something away unintentionally) and rent/buy the DVDs and catch the f*ck up already.

OK, so, you know Caleb, the scary villain from the very end? He's played by the same guy who played the Captain on Firefly and in the new movie Serenity (Ha! Take that fox- you cancel the series, and they make a movie!). Incidentally, I wish to see this movie, when it comes out in Sept, and would like to have seen the whole (one season) series before hand.
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(Ok, so it's not from a song. Deal)

:( Tried to call the boy (he was online, huzzah), but it wouldn't let me. I ordered an AT&T calling card online and it was "delivered" to me online (the internet is a cool thing, I'm tellin' ya). But I couldn't complete the call. :( Don't know why. Tried calling Customer Service, got a machine, w/ no "to speak to an actual human being" option. They tried to make the machine sound like a real person, but I can tell the difference. Maybe it's that fancy Anthropology degree I got... Anyway, emailed them and they are working on it. But no talking to the boy. I need to find a cheaper card anyway, as I'm not sure what I've got is the best deal. But I know that AT&T is reputable. I can't direct dial from my phone, which is ok, as Verizon (like everybody else) doesn't want to tell you how much it will cost (nothing like the surprise of a giagantic phone bill).
So, I'm doing laundry, and I just finished a rather late lunch of pasta and sauce. I should probably do some grocery shopping, but eh...
In happier news, The Princess Bride is on Bravo. Mmmm, Carey Elwes. Because occasionally we need proof that the universe is of the good.
Yanks/Orioles game was on here last night, but as I had no one to cuddle with and nothing else to do, I didn't really watch it. (That's not in any way relevant to anything, just babbling).
Khristina left me a message with her contact info, but then my computer decided to by naughty and I lost it, and then AIM was weird and wouldn't let me see the new windows, and ugh. But this wireless internet is definitely a positive thing- I can use the internet in any room of the house. It's cool not being bound to one place in the house.
Ok, I really want to see Garden State . Just in case you care. And I really hate seeing 9/11 commercialized. (Commercial for the Freedom Tower Silver Dollar. Makes me very cranky.) I shouldn't do LJ updates while watching tv, should I?
OK, dishes must be washed, and clothes need to go into the dryer. More later (b/c you can hardly wait for the next thrilling installment).

just stuff

Jun. 25th, 2004 09:28 pm
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Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 today. It's good. You should go and see it. And you should take any friends or family members you have to see it too. And if you want, you can go to MoveOn.org and get fliers to pass out afterwords, which we did. I ran out of the 100 we brought, which was really encouraging. And the line for the later showing was out the door, at the local independent theater which gets like 15 people a movie. (The Uptown, for those in the area. Yay for them) It was very encouraging. It was also discouraging b/c of what a terrible job GWB is doing as president, and the poor soldiers dying, and their families who have to suffer the grief. And thinking about how it is overwhelmingly the poor and disenfranchised who serve in the armed forces, to fight wars voted on by and for the benefit of the wealthy and privileged. So, if you have friends or family who might even be considering (re-)electing G W Bush, take them to see this, so they know why they shouldn't. Because he and his friends let Taliban officials tour our buildings. Because they're in w/ the Saudis. Because our tax money is being spent to protect us from things that aren't dangerous, and not on protecting us from things that are, or on creating jobs, or educating our children. Because if a soldier dies fighting a war, it should be a war that needed to be fought.

In other news, today was the last day of one of my coworkers, which makes me glad. B/c he's weird. He apologized to me for the teasing he's given me, which did actually hurt my feelings on occasion, but of course I didn't tell him that. And then he told me I could be overbearing, which would annoy people. I'm willing to accept that other people might find me overbearing, but who says that? What makes a person think that such a statement is acceptable? What's wrong with just a simple "It's been a pleasure working with you, I wish you all the best."? Of course, he's a weird guy anyway.

On a positive note, I got several responses to the e-mail I sent out over the listserv looking for a roommate. It made me happy. I love modern technology.

I think that's it.


Jun. 18th, 2004 09:21 pm
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So, we saw The Stepford Wives (we being my parents and I).  If you don't know anything about the plot, you've been in a hole or under a rock for the last 20 years, so I don't feel bad about letting you know, b/c it's not giving anything away about the remake.  The men in Stepford are sick of feeling emasculated by strong, intelligent, powerful, ambitious women.  So they make them into creepy 1950's versions of women.  It made me think about something:  Do men really want weak women who are only good for looking at, having sex with, and keeping house?  I have often theorized about this:  it seems that men desire women they can take care of, at the very least, because it makes them feel useful.  So they shy away from those women who seem able to take care of themselves, and go for the ones who need taking care of.  Of course the problem is that they missed the memo that just because a girl can take care of herself doesn't mean she wants to.  Many also seemed to miss the memo that ovaries are not a mental deficiency, but I think that may be a topic for another rant.  So what's my point?  (it's taken me so long to write this entry due to various distractions, that I seem to have forgotten)  My point is, every so often I wonder if I would attract more men if I were weak and helpless.  But I don't think those would be men I wanted.  I like the men who can handle a woman who can take care of herself.  Just as long as they recognize that they're still allowed to take care of her too...
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So, worked on Saturday, just three hours, but still, it was Saturday at a bank. Coworkers did supply crossoints (sp?) and oj though. Left, went and got a manicure and pedicure -manicure is already chipped, grr- and a brow wax, went to the eye doctor and got new contacts, and went to Harry Potter III w/ [livejournal.com profile] eredien. Movie was OK- they left out a great deal of the stuff that I think makes Azkaban the best book of the series- the back story and the realtionships between the characters and whatnot, but the movie's long just trying to tell the major plot, so...
Worked till 9 PM on Monday. Oy. Cut out early on Tuesday- 7:30 (normal quitting time is 6) so I could go to dinner with my parents in honor of their anniversary. Today, we were dismissed at 5. Insufficient logic does not compute.
Got cute pictures and a present from Kate on Saturday- much thanks for that.
Went to a baptism on Sunday, and got to play with babies. It was cute and amusing, but Rochester is evil, and mapquest directions are not helpful. I answered the priest's questions, though didn't answer the one about why catholics baptize babies, as I thought the parents ought to answer that themselves, and b/c I don't believe in it. He was a good priest, explaining things, and including the boy's brothers, and the baby (my cousin Michael's youngest boy, Samuel, age one) enjoyed splashing in the font. It was cute. And I got to see my cousin Jenn's baby Kaitlyn, whom I haven't seen since the day after she was born and who is about as sweet a baby as a mother could ask for.
Cutting out of work actually early tomorrow, to go to Albany for a Simon and Garfunkle concert. Going to NYC on Sat. for a Yankee game, and then hopefully seeing the boy in Albany on Sunday. And seeing Goodbye Lenin on Friday at the museum with Eredien. Good week.
Speaking of NYC- I watched the Tonys on Sunday and am now desperate to see a show. Anyone up for it? Avenue Q and Wicked are at the top of my list, though The Boy From Oz looks good too.
I think that's all.
Oh, got a new e-mail address. Same as alfredalum, but at gwu.edu. I guess that's one step closer to being an actual student there. It's fun. Must get the listserv sent there and send out profile looking for roommate. And send in resume to job I'd be perfect for.
The new title is courtesy of me, as my contest failed to generate more than one reply.
We had a horrific thunderstorm tonight, and when my parents and I returned from dinner, the power was out. So I took a nap. I am feeling vaguely more awake now.

nap time

May. 21st, 2004 10:07 pm
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Went to work, got out at 5 instead of 6 b/c it's Friday. Went to dinner with the parents, which was good, and got ice cream, which was way too sweet, but yummy. Finished one book at work, started another when I got home
(the next in the series). Should not read books with good sex scenes when all the cute boys I know are far away or only recently met and taken.
Went to see Osama (a movie) after dinner. About life under the Taliban, and therefore, not exactly cheery. Good though. Now watching the Yankee game with the parents and chatting on IM and wishing desperately that a certain someone was here to watch the game with, as he is a most excellent game watching partner. Am cranky that I missed his call while at the movies and didn't get the voice mail notification until midnight, an hour after I turned my phone back on, and 2 after he called. Called him back, but he was already asleep. If he reads this, he should call me (hint hint). He would be especially useful now as my neck is extremely sore, likely from spending so many hours on the phone. I need a hot tub. But I'd settle for a back rub from a certain angel I know...

(and btw, there should be a mood for "cuddly" or "snuggly")
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Got a job yesterday. Which was snazzy, as it was the result of my going to a temp agency in the morning. My life is good, and I feel much better about turning down the knife selling job I was offered Tuesday night. And happy that I don't have to work for APAC. Not the greatest job in the world, but it pays decently and is only temporary- working on a major project for a local bank- which means I don't have to quit and therefore don't have to feel guilty about quitting. Have no leads on the DC job front, though did apply for one. Have two leads on the DC living front, but I think they want me to move in soonner than I am ready to- I'm not unpacked from Alfred, much less packed for DC- which is something I should work on. But first I think I need a major shopping spree- my waredrobe is in desperate need of an update- needs new jeans and nice black pants that aren't dying and maybe some more professional clothes- definitely more skirts. And, until I know where I'm living, I don't know exactly what I'll need, though I know I'll want my books, and clothes, and a tv for my room and my movie collection and probably a bookshelf (for all those books). Suddenly reminded of moving out of Bartlett and my motivation to take a vow of poverty (I own more than many small African nations).
Went to see Shrek 2 with Cassandra. Very funny movie, highly recommeded. You should go. I should go to bed now, so I can go to work in the morning, but I want to know how Gabe did on his EMT test, though he's probably in bed already. BTW, anyone know a good way to get cheap tickets to Italy?

PS- forgot to mention that I quit the summer job I got earlier, b/c I wanted to be home with my family and earn more money, hence the needing a job in Utica.
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So, been a while since my last update. I have a tendancy to plan entries in my head, and then not actually type them. I am currently going through much debate about whether to link to my journal in my AIM profile, as I'm not sure if I want people I see every day to read it, but then it feels silly if other people aren't reading it, though my good friends already have the link. Anywhoo
Last weekend was good. My parents came for Valentine's Day and brought a filing system, my bookshelf, halfmoons, and a new book (Jasper Fforde's Lost in a Good Book, sequel to The Eyre Affair, both of which I heartily recommend). Saturday night I went to see The Vagina Monologues, which was most excellent and made me feel empowered. Then on Sunday we (Kate and I) watched Iron Jawed Angels on HBO, about Alice Paul and other women who got us the Suffrage Amendment so I can vote now (thanks ladies). It was a weekend of female empowerment for me.
Then I was unproductive and read my new book and had PMS of the sleepy and uninterested variety. But I am better now. Accomplished a few things later in the week, (after finishing said book), and I am working on other things to accomplish. I completely redid my website, which is nifty, and I applied to graduate, also nifty (though slightly scary). I think other things happened last week, Like the 8:30 am meeting with my advisor, which went well. Time is moving too fast for the scant amount of progress being made on my thesis, but I think all will end well.
This past weekend was slightly less wonderful, though good, as I went shopping, saw a dance concert and a collection of scenes from Oscar Wilde, caught up on some neglected class reading, and watched Sex and the City (tres excellent). I also played my first game of racquetball on Friday, for an hour with Kate, part of said hour was spent with me laughing hysterically on the floor, which is good. I also registered for a job fair thingy in Philly at the end of my spring break, which is also good.
Now I am working on preparing a presentation for tomorrow night and catching up on reading for tomorrow's Sociology of Families exam (though I'm not overly worried about it).
I should go be productive now.


Jan. 15th, 2004 01:35 pm
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I am in the process of packing for Alfred. It's nifty to think I'll actually have my own stuff in my room, but weird to think of only having the one room. It means I have to weed out stuff. I have so many books, most of which I don't need, but I can't bear the thought of leaving them home. It's not home to me without books. I'm trying to figure out how much room I'll have, and though I have the dimensions of the rooms, I don't know furniture sizes, or where the window is or the closet. I didn't know what room I'd be in till yesterday. Well, actually today, because they had to change the assignment, as the previous occupant of the first room won't be gone in time for me to move in on Sunday. I have to move in alone, or wait till Monday, but that would mean I didn't have time for getting books or signatures on Monday.
I don't have a phone number yet though.
I like the part where I get to think about all different possible room arrangements. It's fun. Not so much a fan of not remembering where I put all my stuff last May. I also spend time thinking about what I'll be doing after graduation, and of course have lots of fun ideas about what it'll be like. Though it would be better if I had a job offer or grad school acceptance first. Though to have those, I'd have to finish my applications first....
In other news (practically all they talk about on the news here) it's colder than really anything ought to be allowed to be here.
Also had a horrible migrane yesterday, complete with vomiting up the pizza we had for dinner. Got annoyed at my mother because she has this wacky theory that curling up in bed is not a good plan when one has a migraine. Whatever.
On the plus side, before the pain, saw a decent movie Shattered Glass about a reporter who made up his stories. Last week I saw The Station Agent which was also very good. If they come in your neighborhood, I recommend them- I saw them at our local art museum.
On Monday I got my car inspected while my mother and I went to my doctor's appointment in Syracuse, which was not fun b/c the roads were very bad on the way out. Better on the way home. Assuming that the temperature gets about freezing, my car should start and drive, which will be handy.
Smokey (the cat) caught a mouse today. He was mewing like crazy this morning, which is very unusual, as he is normally very quiet. I tried to call him into my bed, but he didn't come (thank goodness) I got up, and saw that he had something in his mouth and told him to drop it, which he did (good boy). It was a mouse, still alive. He mananged to recatch it a few times, before it scurried away. Hopefully he catches it again. But I don't want him to eat it, b/c that's not good for him. I am however, very proud of him, esp considering that he lacks front claws. He is a good cat.
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So, since the last update, what have I done? Went to LotR with Cassandra, which was good, esp as there was kissing in this movie. I personally felt it dragged in spots, but that's probably just me. Was glad when someone other than Aragon or Gandolf got to do something useful. Also, I want a pet hobbit.
Then, we went to Georgia for Christmas. 16 hours in the car with my parents. That's the good part. (this is not meant to imply that time with the rest of my family was so awful that anything would be better, as I actually like both my parents and long car trips).
I do not like spending Christmas in Georgia. I do not like not having a table to eat Christmas dinner at. I do not like sleeping on the sofa bed in my Grandmother's hotel room (or in any hotel room, actually). I do like little children and playing with them, but I do not like that said small children are the children of my cousins who are my age. I do not like that seeing them really makes me want a kid, nor do I like that despite my many good deeds and my recent European adventures, nobody really seems that interested in me. I do not expect to be the center of attention, esp. when I have such small cute people as competition, but I lived in a European capital for crying out loud. I spoke German every single day. These people see me once a year. Of course there's the "when are you graduating" and "what are you going to do afterwards" questions. Since the answer to the first is May and the second is I'm not sure, this seems to make people not want to have much more conversation with me. Even if all my applications were in, I wouldn't necessarily know. I didn't know at this time in 2000 what I would be doing after I graduatied from high school. No one knows. Grrr.
Anyway, basically the point is I would rather have spent Christmas in the Northeast, with my parents. And maybe some friends, though I would like them to spend Christmas with their families too. Oh well, it is our duty, I suppose, though said relatives would probably never come north for the holidays.
I am ranting. I hope they don't read this, though maybe it would be ok. Of course, I wouldn't post if I thought that people who shouldn't read things would.
It is late, and I should go to sleep, so I can play tomorrow.


Nov. 22nd, 2003 03:35 pm
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Today is Saturday. I slept in a bit, had Special K Red Berries for breakfast, and then went out to the Egyptian museum. It was very nifty, and convinced me that I really do want to study museum science. I want to be the person who actually gets to handle all the cool old stuff and put it on display. I got to see the famous bust of Queen Nefertiti, which was cool. Then I took the bus basically across town to buy tickets for the Mozart Requiem performance tonight at the Berliner Dom (which is a big cathedral), and now I'm in my local internet cafe, catching up and trying to decide what to do about dinner before the 6pm concert, since I didn't have lunch. The bus to the church was all screwed up because of the weekly Saturday protest throught the center of town. That's the trouble with democracy- it screws up the traffic patterns.
Yesterday after my update I went to the Topogrophy of Terror, which is an outdoor exhibition where the SS headquaters used to be. They were out of English audio guides though, so I had to read the German text. I managed, but I want to go back and have the guide. Then I went to the movies- I saw Love Actually, which is good- a fun movie that makes you feel good, but not a whole lot of deep substance or amazing storytelling- lots of cute British accents though. Problem was, eventually I wound up thinking about my love life, and how boys are stupid and don't hit on me, and that got me depressed. But what else is new.
I think that's all for now- have to eat and change out of my blue jeans before the concert.


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