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Gabe left today. I'm sad, but I'm also happy that now I can do the things that need doing (laundry, resume sending, unpacking).
It's so quiet, because my roommate is also not here (though I don't know where she went, and if she's coming back today or not, but I didn't see her laptop in the kitchen).
I've not done much LJ checking since before the New Year, so if I missed a major crisis or occurance, I'm sorry. If you think I need to know about it, send me a link.
I have lots to write about, and some of it may end up being friends-only, so stay logged in kiddos.
For now, I shall tell you about the apartment.
It's a very nice place. There's a piano, which is horribly out of tune. There's a dishwasher, which is very exciting (though I've yet to discover where the detergent is). My new roommate/landlady smokes, which sucks. Apparently, she'd quit, which is why I didn't know about it before I moved in, but then she took it back up. The ceilings are high and my room doesn't smell like it, but still. I have air purifiers running in my bedroom and bathroom to keep the air clean, and they seem to be helping. The bed is nice, although it moves a lot, even just me getting snuggled into bed can make it sound like I'm doing something naughty.
The walls in my room are bare white, but I do have crown molding, which excited Kate. I also have vent heat, and not a stupid radiator, which excites me a great deal, because radiators just suck up wall space. There are three windows, and on nice days I get very nice light in here, esp. in the afternoon, as my windows have western exposure. There are no curtain rods though.
Gabe was complaining about the dryness. It's not terrible, but I do notice it a bit. Which just makes this humidifier all the more tempting.
I'm also doing that thing again where I fantasize about decorating my own house.
My roommate is nice and friendly, which is pleasant. She's in her 30s. Her birthday is two days after mine. She's a consultant, though I don't truly understand what she does. She seems to like to travel and has been lots of places, and she also seems to like to party. She's also a night owl, which was nice when I was moving in because I didn't feel like I was waking her up.
So far, my complaints are:
the grocery store, while heaps nicer, is farther away, which means it takes a bit more time/effort to acquire foodstuffs
I don't get HBO or Showtime anymore
the smoke
she spends a lot of her time in the kitchen, and I don't really like there to be other people in the kitchen when I'm cooking sometimes. It's not really a problem, just something I need to get used to

movin' out

May. 31st, 2005 09:07 pm
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I just walked about six city blocks carrying a teddy bear on my hip.
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-Avenue Q (The plan is to title my journals with song lyrics, which hopefully have something have to do w/ the subject, but we'll see)

Well, it's not Avenue Q. In fact, it's New Hampshire Ave.  But I have  place to live.  Please pardon me while I do a happy dance of joy... *does happy dance of joy*  Ok, done now.

So, the story so far...
When last we left our heroine, she and the romantic lead had enjoyed a fun but unsuccesful trip to the nation's capital and surroundings to search for housing. Following this adventure, she searched the depths of the internet, hoping to find an alternative to living in her car.  Last weekend, she again made the journey, this time with her father, and again came up short.  But during the week, she made a discovery on roomster.net that sounded good, and following a promising phone call, set out again.  This time, her labors have been rewarded, and she is now the soon to be happy tenant in a room in a house two blocks north of a metro station, and one block from a grocery store.  Huzzah. 

Ok, so last weekend, I went to Cooperstown on Friday, to the Willie Nelson/Bob Dylan concert with the parents, which was eh.  [livejournal.com profile] eredien was there, and we had fun, even if Boby Dylan was even more incomprehensible than ever and it was cold.  Then, on Saturday, I went down to Cooperstown again and spent the day with the boy and his father visiting the Hall of Fame and all that jazz.  It was most pleasant.  The boy is definitely his father's son.  I got a hug.  It was nice.  We didn't get to go to dinner together, but oh well.  I had a really nice time, and his dad's cool.  Then on Sunday my father and I drove down to DC, stayed in the city and looked for places.  A couple listings that were in my price range seemed to be in sketchy neighborhoods, so we passed.  And one place was tiny, but right on campus practically, but also about the same as my parents' house payment for an efficiency.  Yeah, I'd like to eat, please.  And the reason we went down, this place in VA, where the roommate had called me, was a) in VA, so I'd probably need my car b) the roommate had alreday made a verbal agreement with another woman and c) was disorganized and scatterbrained.  So I went online, looked at roomster.net, found someplace that sounded good, and called the woman on Thursday.  Sounded even better, called her on Friday and arranged a time to meet, left after work on Fri., stayed in a hotel on the way down, got into DC this morning, looked at it, took it, filled out some paperwork and wrote the check for the deposist and Dad and I drove home.  The keys are in my pocket as we speak.  I am happy and not stressed anymore.  It's furnished, utilities (including internet and cable) are included, and near public transit.  It is, in short, practically perfect.  Hoping that it all works out well, but if it doesn't I'm only committed through Dec.  (Yay for the not having to sign a 12 month lease).  *sigh of happiness* 

Now, I just need to find a way to see the boy one last time this summer....

Oh, one good thing that came out of the weekend last time- bought The Well of Lost Plots.  Is good.  Thursday Next is of the good.  And I finished it already.  Back to Mansfield Park.

Oh, and I have an "audition" for Kaplan to teach test-prep, on the 30th.  So mayhaps things are looking up.  Ever feel like the universe is interfering in order to arrange things a certain way?

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So, last weekend, the boy and I went to DC to try and find me an apartment. We had no luck. Partly b/c no one called me back, which is really infuriating. I already had the hotel room, and was hoping people would call me back while we were driving. Someone did, but that was the only guy who had called me back, and that was to cancel b/c the apartment he was going to show me had been rented. Grrr. But we had a good time. I learned the following things:
-you have to pay attention to the little letters at the end of the street address, or else you wind up way on the other side of town
- shoes from easy spirit are not necessarily good for walking in
- my boyfriend is not only handsome and funny, he is also very patient
- New York Ave will take you to NY
- There's a reason the EconoLodge is so damn cheap (I actually already knew that)

Oh, and the room I did see, that I didn't want but then was going to take so that I'd have a place to sleep at least, was gone when I called. I am trying to take this as a sign, but I don't know what of. I would appreciate prayers on my behalf. I also don't think it's a good sign that I can't find the "consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air" bit in the Bible when I search it on bible.com (Albert, or other scripturally versed people, if you're reading this, help me out). I have found another potential roommate, and I may go down this weekend to see her and her place, we'll see (preferably I'll have other people to visit too).

I did, however, thouroughly enjoy my time with the boy, who as I said is a very good boy. And I drove over the George Washington bridge and successfully merged onto the Major Deegan, so I think on some level the trip was a success, just not in terms of getting what I was looking for. But it was educational, and we got to see cool stuff at the Smithsonian (like Dorothy's ruby slippers). So, even if the guys down the hall were drug dealers, it's all good. :)

In other news, my job is ridiculously dull. At least when they had no work for me I could read books and do the crossword puzzle, but now I have 8 hours of mind-numbing number checking (SS numbers and acct. numbers). But the pay doesn't suck, and I could be doing much worse work. I consider it paying my dues.
Speaking of paying, I also got word on my loan. Bad news: I will be in debt when I graduate. Good news: I got enough to pay off the rest of my tuition and help me w/ rent and what not. So that's a good thing. See, these are the signs that say I'm supposed to go there. Maybe I'm supposed to live w/ the girl who called me on Sat. (and not the sketchy guy w/ the $0 rent and the one bedroom...)

Also, I finally found my CDs, which I'd been missing, and so now I get to listen to Songs for a New World again, which brings happiness. And the sun is shining (at least is was today, before it went down). And that's about it, I think...


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