Mar. 1st, 2006 10:15 pm
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Sometimes, when I'm online, I may not notice that you IM'd me. I'm still getting used to Trillian, and it's a little weird with notifications. I only say this because I've missed a few people saying goodbye before they sign off and I don't want people to think I'm ignoring them, because I'm not.
That is all.

Well, that and I kick ass at Jeopardy! And also I feel smart when I solve both the Sudoku and the Crossword without help (I needed crossword help yesterday). Now I just have to solve one of those damn Samurai Sudokus. Then I'll be a genius.
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My parents came down on Friday, and I met them in their hotel after I got out of work. I'll be so glad when training is over- it's annoying.
As always, they brought me some good stuff. My She-Ra lunch box, which I realize is supremely dorky, but it's also very retro, and I love it. Plus, no one will mistake it for their lunch. The thermos doesn't hold much, but since it's got water in it for now, that's ok. Also cloth shopping bags for groceries, and my Mom bought me a bunch of bath/shower stuff, including bubble bath. And a very nice new black skirt that is velvety and twirly at the same time. I walked home from their hotel in the skirt, my black Docs, and my shirt from work. I also took the wine and brie and crackers that the hotel gave them.
Saturday we went to the Phillips Collection. Then back to my place so they could see it, and we exchanged computers. I've had my Dad's laptop for the past few months while mine got repaired. Then we went to a very nice dinner in the hotel and hung out being silly for a little while. Sunday we went to church (I was singing, one of the reasons they came), and then to Georgetown for brunch.
Today, my computer decided that it didn't want to start windows, which sucked. I had to reset it to factory settings using the system restore disks that came with it. And this is after I downloaded a bunch of programs yesterday. But it's ok, because I'm fairly certain that I backed up all the documents I might want, and definitely all my pictures. And all my songs are on my mp3 player, and I have the disks for that and my digital camera. I need to re-acquire the software that lets me log onto GW's wireless network, but that's easy enough to do. Google has a very handy thing, called "Googlepack" that includes a whole bunch of google software, like Google Earth and Desktop search, as well as Firefox, Norton Anti-Virus, AdAware, and Trillian. So I got a huge amount of functionality restored from one download. Because Google is fantastic, and I happily await the day when they rule the world.
On a completely unrelated note, I made a playlist today of music to listen to before church. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to church, so I take my mp3 player, and I like to listen to church-y music. If any of my dear readers have some appropriate music (and I know you do) that they'd like to share with me, I'd be very grateful.
Watching ice dancing on tv now, and then time for sleeping.
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Yesterday, I slept in, then I went off to campus. Picked up my loan refund check, got blood drawn, deposited my check, got some food (a bagel w/ cream cheese and a Mint Chocolate Chip Frappacino). Went to the bookstore, where I spent over $200 on books, all for one class (11 books). I also got Lemon-Lime lip gloss from Burt's Bees and a hole puncher. Then I headed off to Staples for school supplies, and got a notebook and pencils and some legal pads for my portfolio thingy. Then I went off to see Brokeback Mountain.
Which was exceptionally good. It's beautiful to look at (even with Jake and Heath aren't in the shot). The acting is great by everyone. I feel like it really captured the friendship element of their relationship as well as the romantic. And even though I knew it was coming, their first exploration of that side of their relationship is pretty unexpected. I admit to thinking when Jake Gyllenhaal's character meets Anne Hathaway's character "They'd make really beautiful babies together." And then thinking "yeah, and Jake and I would also make really beautiful babies. They'd have great blue eyes." But it's a great movie- well-written, well-directed, and well-acted. It's also heartwrenching, so take tissues and chocolate when you go.
Then I swung by Radio Shack to get a universal remote because the remote to my VCR is cracked out and will only perform certain functions. This would be fine, if one of them was to program my VCR, since really the whole reason I have a VCR is to be able to tape Gilmore Girls while I'm at choir. (Well, and to watch Disney movies)
Then back here. Where I punched holes in choir music and ate dinner and watched about half of the first season of Buffy on DVD because Firefly hasn't been on lately and I needed my Joss Whedon.

Today I made the very exciting discovery that I have a CD with over 1000 of my photos on it. Of course, there's a high level of duplication, but still, I didn't think I had them here. So I went a little crazy over at facebook and added a whole bunch of photos. And some people.
I also was very excited when I went hunting for my Berlin guidebook (to aid me in captioning some photos from Berlin) and found it, and realized I hadn't cataloged it yet. So I promptly did that.
And now I'm going to eat, because the only thing I've eaten all day has been crackers. (I went down to get food but there were people in the kitchen and I was in sweats and a tank top. And it was really the prospect of making my peanut butter on toast in front of people I wasn't happy about.)
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Dear GWU:
Your students pay exorbitantly high tuition. Do you think that we could, in return, get an unambigous list of what the abbreviations on our course schedules mean?
Thanks heaps,

Would you please, for the love of all that is sensible, install Firefox on the campus computers so that I don't need to open 6 Explorer windows to find the information I need? That would be lovely.
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I'm working on this interpretative project for class, and we have to have an electronic component. I decided I'd do a podcast audio tour of the grounds of the site (which happens to be the Frederick Douglass Nat'l Historic Site). I thought that I had a microphone here, but I don't, so I went down to Radio Shack and bought one. (I also then stopped at a restaurant in Chinatown for lunch) This is so super nifty. I downloaded free open-source software last night, and now I'm working on the script, because I realized that otherwise I'll have fits and starts. It doesn't have to be the whole thing, but I need a sample I think at least. I thought for a minute the microphone was broken, and was about to head off to Radio Shack to return it, but since I'd had it work for a minute, I decided to first mess around with Windows, and it does indeed work, it's just that when it's turned on you don't hear it in the headphones unless you play it back. So now it's all configured and I'm going to make an mp3 which I can then take to class. Hooray! What I really like about this idea is the low cost of it- the mic was under $15, the software was free, so basically it's the cost of webhosting so visitors can download it and the cost of the staff time to write the script and record the tour, and of course the computer, but those are all resources the site already has.
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So, I'm a little freaked out. I have two interviews tomorrow. One's at 10, and I'm not so freaked out. The other's w/ Kaplan and at 6 PM. And I have to do my 5 minute audition, and I don't know what to do and I'm not prepared, and I'm kinda freaking out. Then on Tuesday, I have another interview, again not so freaked out about that, but still.

Adventures in Computing )

Adventures in Commuting )

In other news, I went to All Souls Unitarian, which was of the good. And I made French Toast afterwards, after talking to the parents. I wish I'd been having waffles in Powell, but...
I also want some hugs, but I don't have anyone here to hug. :(

If you want to come and give me hugs, you can use and fly independence air, b/c their hub is in DC and they are cheap and fly to all the cities near to where all the people I want to come visit me live. Except for people who will be in Europe. But that's a whole other issue.
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A mixture of insanity and goodness. Mostly goodness. Friday I got out of work early at 4, which was nice and meant I got to go to the library and get three books out, which is happy.
Saturday, we (my Mom and I) went through all the clothes in my closet and dresser and cleaned them out. We got rid of so much stuff it's unbelievable. Most of it's going to Salvation Army. Then my closet and drawers filled back up when I finally unpacked my suitcases.
Got my graduation present yesterday, a shiny new laptop with a nice fast processor and lots of cool stuff, and a carrying case to go with it. Thanks Mom and Dad.
Today, we went shopping in Syracuse at Carousel Mall. This was mostly to replenish some of my wardrobe, in light of the massive amounts of clothes I got rid of. Needed new work clothes, and I got them. 3 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses, 2 skits, 4 tops, a pair of slacks, and a skirt suit. Very nice stuff. Had the most luck at Lane Bryant, as they make clothes meant to fit women shaped like me. Yay for them. The cashier at Penny's forgot to take off those ink security tags, so my Mom is taking the clothes to the one here to get them taken off. Everything else is hanging in my closet.
Saturday night, I think, I went to [ profile] eredien's and we watched Camp, which is fun and I want the soundtrack, because it's about kids at a performing arts camp. Very funny and sweet.
Today, after the clothes, we went to Wegmans, which is always an experience. The one in Syracuse (well, technically it's in DeWitt) is massive, and almost overwhelming, and has so many yummy foods, it's fun.
Then we had a very yummy dinner, consisting of the salmon that we bought at Wegman's and rice.
Then we went to do my GW financial aid forms. This was the not fun part. Couldn't find a required form and went nuts looking for it. Turns out it was on the kitchen table, and my Dad just hasn't picked it up with the pile of forms. Thank God I found it. All my paperwork is done, just waiting for Dad to send in the FAFSA. Fixed myself a snack to calm down, which is probably why so many clothes look horrible on me. Must find and join gym or exercise program of some sort.
Other stressful point- the letter in my admissions packet says I can get a GWU e-mail now. I need it for finacial aid, but the problem is that when I try to get it, it says I'm not eligable. So I think I need to call the ITS guys and fix things. Because I need that new shiny e-mail. And a place to live, but we won't go there today.
Now I'm chilling out, watching The OC for some unknown reason and writing in my journal in my pjs with my brand new computer hooked up to the cable modem. Happiness. Work tomorrow, but we're in theory done or almost done with the crappy part and moving on to other parts. Can't talk about it, but in theory I could be handlig ridiculous quantities of money everyday, though not actual cash. We can't discuss how much comes in because it could skew the amounts that come in. I don't know how much is coming in anyway, b/c I just do what they tell me too.
That's all for now- having to get used to a non-ergonomic keyboard again, don't want to get Carpal Tunnel.


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