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So, I was looking for some free audio books, preferably read by actual people. So I went to Project Gutenberg (which is awesome) and found a link to LibriVox, where people volunteer to read books in the public domain which you can then download for free. I've already downloaded A Little Princess, Aesop's Fables and the works of Hans Christian Anderson. And I'm planning on volunteering to read as well.

I love the Internet so very, very much.
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OK, so I actually agree with the President that the US is way too dependent on oil and we should spend the money and time to develop alternative fuels and energy sources. Wind, water, solar, biodiesel, all of it. And I was watching CNN earlier, and this guy from Car and Driver was talking about how it's all well and good to talk about ethanol, but it's expensive. Hydrogen, same deal. And that got me thinking about how the reason we're not all gung-ho over hydrogen (which, in theory is awesome because it's abundant and produces water vapor as a waste product) is because it likes to go boom. And that got me thinking about how gasoline is pretty flammable/explosive too, especially the vapors. And that got me thinking about internal combustion engines, and how that's basically just a bunch of little controlled explosions that provide the energy to make your car go (it's more complicated than that, I know, but I'm a humanities student), and that seems to me to necessitate an explosive/flammable fuel source. And that got me thinking: why all this talk about alternative fuels, but no talk about new engines? Why do we assume that we need to develop a new way to power our internal combustion engines instead of thinking that maybe we need a different kind of engine? (Incindentally, I vote biodiesel, because I think it's supercool) Isn't there some way to use magnets or something to make an engine that doesn't need fuels that go boom?
I can't possibly be the first person to think of this, can I? And if I am, I wish I was smart enough to know how to put that idea to use (well, I wish that anyway). So my charge to you, dear readers, is to go forth and spread this word to your friends and neighbors who might actually know a thing or two about engines and that kind of thing, and hopefully we'll only have to worry about how to fuel the rest of our energy needs with alternative energy, and not our transit too (because we still need alternative energy for our computers and our heaters and traffic lights and our hospital equipment and everything else that turns on).
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To all of my engineer/science nerd friends. After being asked multiple times where I want to live after I graduate, and having multiple answers (I love DC, but all my friends are more northeastern), I have decided, that really, what I want is to have my dream house on an island where all of my friends and family can live with me (I've wanted that for a long time). To that end you science-type people are hereby charged with coming up with a reliable and safe method of super-fast transit. Ideally, transporters, but jet packs would do if it meant a commute of an hour or less to all the places where my friends work. Then we could live in a big commune and such and still be able to get to where we wanted to go. Incidentally, anyone is welcome to come live in the giant mansion on the island when it finally exists. (Well, not any one- Nazis and baby eaters and extreme right wingers will be zapped with our laser defense system)


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