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I'm listening to WALF online as I work on my paper, and I keep hearing [livejournal.com profile] sleepingtree's voice during the station ID announcements. It makes me nostalgic.
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Went to Alfred for Hot Dog Day. I miss Alfred. Mostly because I miss being someplace where 80% or more of the people I loved were a 5-10 minute walk away. I miss ducking through buildings to get out of the cold, and lunch in the asylum, and dinner in Ade after rehearsal, I miss waking up 10 minutes before a class started and getting there on time.
I left DC at 6:45 am Friday on an airplane that went from Buffalo to Pittsburgh, and then another one that went to Buffalo, where Mandie and Dale picked me up. Then we went back to Hornell, where Mandie lives. Kate met us at Mandie's, and then we all went over to Alfred for Honors Convocation, which was well-planned. They gave out the awards alphabetically by student, so it seemed to take less time then I remember it taking. Mandie and Albert got awards in their majors, and I saw Dr. Myers and Dr. Lantz. I didn't get to see Frau Singer, though. After we went to Friendly's, and then back to Mandie's. Where Kate and Mandie and I watched the first two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I fell out of the chair and made Dale think I was trying to crawl through the wall (he was sleeping). There was much cuddling.
Saturday was Hot Dog Day, and, in keeping with the words of our Alma Mater,1 it rained. A lot. But it was fun, and we managed to stay dry on occasion by ducking indoors. I didn't actually eat any hot dogs, just some Stearn's chicken and some fried dough. And spaghetti for dinner, which was "free" as a result of having given Alfred U some money. I also got a t-shirt that I think is rather on the unattractive side, but a better color than most Hot Dog Day shirts. And I got to see Erica and Mike and a few other alumni.
Sunday Kate got up early and went to church, then she and Mandie and Nathanael and Albert and I hung out, going to see the new equestrian facilities. We had lots of fun, and I bought two trashy romance novels at the library bookstore. Monday came too soon.
My flight from Buffalo was delayed and was going to make me miss my connection, so they put me on another plane. I had a choice of an earlier flight to LaGuardia to transfer or to take a direct flight from Buffalo to National, which is on the Metro (I was supposed to go to BWI, which is usually cheaper but a pain to get to/from) and got me to DC earlier than my flight was supposed to leave NYC.
So, all in all it was a good weekend and I got to see people that I love muchly. And now I have to make with the paper-writing and presentation-making and internship-getting so I can graduate.

1. "Where the murmuring song of the brook hums along, and a favoring sun ever shines." You can listen to it here


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