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So, what has been going on in my life:

I moved in with Dex and her fiance Tim, which has been going very well. My room has no window or interior door handles, but it is a cozy little cave and I like it. I get to eat delicious home-cooked meals without having to cook them and Dex makes sure I eat my vegetables, and we have an en suite washer/dryer and a dishwasher. Strangely, I feel lonelier home alone here than I did at my old place, but I think part of that is that half the time I was home at the old place I was IMing with Dex, and now if I'm home alone it means she's not home. I can get very cranky without my Dex.
Moving in was a challenge as I had really filled up my studio. Fortunately my roommates also lived in a studio and didn't have much in the way of furniture (or stuff, really). Also, IKEA furniture is a bitch to disassemble and them reassemble. Especially when you don't know where the screws went.

Dex and Tim are getting married in November, and my dress came today (I am the maid of honor). It is pretty. It is blue and it glitters. Here, have a picture: )

I am still unemployed, and have perhaps been less diligent than I ought to be about job searching. I am not, however, sitting around all day with nothing to do. I've been a member of a 501(c)7 social group in DC for about two years now, it's how I know most of my friends, and I got elected to the Board this spring. I didn't post about it, but yeah. My term started July 1, and I'm currently serving as the director of both education and communications. That means I have to book presenters and make sure they have everything they need, and it also means that I have to send out several weekly emails to our membership, as well as answer any inquiries that come to our info@ box. If you remember about a month ago I posted that someone I knew had died, the gentleman in question was one of our founders and the sitting chairman of the board, and I was the one who had to draft the email informing our membership of his death. Jack was beloved by many and pretty much universally respected, and he also had a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that he took with him when he died. In addition to my board duties, I'm also the information person for our annual convention, which means answering even more emails (though fortunately not as many as our chairs!) as well as assisting the rest of the communications team with writing and proofreading. So, pretty much every day I have something volunteer-related to do.
On top of that I'm going to be volunteering in the Discovery Room at NMNH starting at the end of the month. It's not necessarily an every week thing because it depends on whether or not classes have been booked, but it's good resume experience for museum work, esp. if I want to do public programming (it helps when the person designing programs actually knows what it's like to present them). Everyone else volunteering there is retired, and at least one of them is old enough to be my grandmother. The girl who's actually on staff as the instructor is young and adorable though.
So, that was a way of saying that I'm keeping busy, and while gainful employment would be nice in that it would help keep me in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed, I do also enjoy the freedom and flexibility that I have right now.

Speaking of grandmothers, mine fell and broke her back. She's fine, AFAIK, or as fine as a person can be when she's in her mid-80s and has a broken back. They sent her to rehab, which is a good sign. I'll probably go visit over Columbus Day weekend, which is also the weekend of the National Equality March (the 11 is also National Coming Out Day, appropriately enough), which I'd love to go to, but my Grandmother will notice my absence a lot more than the movement will. Congress isn't going to say "oh, [livejournal.com profile] lotusbiosm isn't here, clearly we needn't fret about those queer people and their rights". (And I feel so selfish for wanting to be someplace other than with my family, but I do love a good rally and it would almost certainly be more fun than hanging out with my relatives, lovely people though they may be)

To completely change veins, I've also written some fiction for a challenge (which, no, I will not link here, because it is a bit adult and I don't want to shock you) which has gotten some good feedback. It's technically fanfic, but some of it is pairings of mythological characters, which means that it's also theoretically something that could be published as original fiction. Of course, making up stories in my head is a lot easier than writing stories down, but I do like writing.

My love life continues to be something not really worth writing about. My friends are lovely people and tell me that I am the axle, not the fifth wheel, but sometimes being the only non-partnered person gets old.

In other, happier news, my friend C's deployment got cancelled. This is, on the one hand, wonderful news. On the other hand, it sucks. He and his wife rearranged their whole lives and made plans based on his deployment (including financial plans). He quit his seat on the Board he was on with me. He's in the Reserves, so many of his teammates quit their jobs to go, and now might not get them back because they didn't have official orders, which means that their employers aren't required by law to re-hire them. Not to mention the mental and emotional stress of him getting into soldier headspace and now having to get back out, as well as the constant uncertainty of hurry-up-and-wait that the Army's had him (and his wife, and all the rest of us) doing since May.

So yeah, that's what's up. How 'bout those Emmys? Isn't Neil Patrick Harris fabulous?
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Go home.
Seriously. The First Amendment does protect your right of free speech and assembly, but you're not going to change anyone's mind and there aren't as many of you as you think there are, and also, you're wrong and you're annoying me and you're not welcome in my city.
Go home. Or at least learn how to be polity guests, because I don't care how many federal taxes you pay, you don't own Washington, and there are people who live and work here and you're getting in our way.

(And fuck you so very hard on the way out, way to assume those of us who don't have insurance are lazy)
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Yesterday, a collegue of mine and the collegue and very close friend of many of my friends passed away. I've spent the past 32 hours (literally since I woke up yesterday) dealing with this. When I say "dealing", I don't mean "coping emotionally", I mean "sending emails, making phone calls, doing whatever people need me to do". This is going to continue for a while, for while Jack and I weren't friends, per se, his death is a big deal in my world.

So if I don't take your calls, that's why. I'm on email multiple times a day and have my phone handy 24/7, but if it's not an emergency, it's a low priority. Emergencies, btw, are births, deaths, natural or man-made disasters and the like. I am checking voicemail. If you're calling to tell me something specific, tell me what it is in the message. If you're calling just to chat, say that in the message. Cryptic messages are not my friend right now.
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You know, for a month whose name means "profoundly honored", August is really not impressing me so much.
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So, one of my very best friends is in the Army, and he's getting deployed. I am praying to every power that can hear me that he doesn't have to go at all.

But I'm only OK with that if the mission gets scrubbed entirely. He's good at what he does, it matters to him, and none of us want him to go.

But if he doesn't go, someone else goes. And everyone is someone's son, husband, brother, best friend, father, lover (daughter, wife, sister, best friend, mother, lover). And as unhappy as I am about *my* best friend being sent someplace where people will very possibly be shooting at him, I'm unhappy about anyone else's best friend being sent in his place. And I can't ask the Universe to make that trade. I can't say that my best friend matters more than yours. I can't say that his wife needs him more than some other woman needs her husband. My love is not greater or more important than yours, and my loss (heaven forbid) would not be greater than yours. And this is one of the many reasons I have a problem with war. I can't send your son off to war while mine sits safely at home. But we do it all the time.

Our society is structed in such a way that the people most likely to be sent to war are so far distantly removed from those who send them. And while our Armed Forces are volunteer, how many people joined up because it was the fastest way out of poverty, or the only way to guarentee a place to sleep and food to eat?

I'm not saying anything that hasn't been said a thousand times before, but it's what I've been thinking about as we prepare for his deployment. I don't want him to go, but I don't want your best friend to go in his place, so I've come to terms with his going, and I simply pray that he comes back home to us.
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first timer

Written from Berlin in an Internet cafe on November 20 2003.
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My friend [livejournal.com profile] webqatch is running for the LJ Advisory Board. He is pretty much an all-around amazing guy. To secure the nomination, he needs 300 comments supporting it.

Please take a minute to go here to read about his candidacy and support his nomination (should you feel that's the right thing to do).
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I'm not sure I'd choose to be a teenager again at all! Yes, occasionally I feel vaguely nostalgic for high school, but I think that's because it was 9 years ago and because I miss the security and sense of possibility that comes with being a teenager. No bills, the future wide open before me. And I certainly can't think of a decade better than the 90s to be a teenager in, even if the music was better in the 1950s.
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Dear Friends,

... no matter how long it's been since I set foot in a church.

An historic and spirit-filled event took place today deep in the heart of Anacostia.

At 11:00 am, a multiracial group of over 50 clergy gathered at Covenant Baptist Church to declare our religious support for marriage equality for same-gender couples. In addition, we were able to announce that in the last seven days alone, more than 150 DC religious leaders--of all faiths and denominations, and representing every ward in the city--have signed our declaration (which you can read below).

The event was covered by all the local television stations, as well as the Post and other print media. Be on the look for coverage this evening and tomorrow.

Afterward, the clergy who gathered said they'd never seen such a religiously, racially and ethnically diverse gathering of clergy in this city. And we all were amazed that it was THIS issue that brought us all together. Each of us felt as though we'd experienced a special and holy moment.

That holy moment was a gift to this city from our church. All Souls played the leading role in organizing this coalition. As I said in church on Sunday, everything in our history as a congregation has brought us to this leadership role: our legacy of prophetic justice-making, our identity as a congregation that is diverse both racially and in terms of sexual orientation, our location at the crossroads of the city, and, most importantly, the store of "solidarity capital" that we have built up over years of working side-by-side with others for justice.

I believe that the cause of equality for gays and lesbians is, along with the struggle for immigrant justice and the on-going struggle for racial equality, one of the defining civil rights struggles of our generation. As in previous generations, dating back almost two centuries, All Souls will take a leadership role.

I'm grateful--and I know you are too--to be part of a church that has repeatedly stood up for justice and never failed to stand on the side of love. Thank you for making our ministry possible.

Click here to watch a video clip of my remarks at this morning's gathering.

Pasted below is the declaration and the list of signers.

With love and gratitude, ROB

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You fought Ra. You're in Thor's temple. The phrase "it's just a myth" should be banished from your vocabulary. Just a thought.
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So, I watched an episode of Sliders that I remember from when it first aired (which, proof of geekdom number one).

Anyway, there's a plague, and they ask why it hasn't responded to antibiotics, and the answer is because they don't know about antibiotics. So the professor creates penicillin from mold, and I'm sitting there thinking, "yeah, that's great, Professor, but I'd prefer not to be cured from the deadly plague by anaphalctic shock." Which I probably wouldn't go into, but going from being sick to being covered in hives? Not fun. (I don't actually know that I'm allergic to penicllin, since the hives were caused by amoxicillin, but usually if you're allergic to one -cillin, you're allergic to them all).
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I love this song a whole lot.
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And it occured to me and I relized that I've never once voluntarily/intentionally listened to a single Nirvana song. I used to change the channel when the video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" came on MTV (I really hated that video, or at least the first ten seconds of it).

I should probably change this at some point, now that I am old enough to appreciate the angst, and before they make me turn in my 90s card. However, I am not expecting that I will actually like it...
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Sometimes, when I am bitching about work, people take that as an opportunity to give me career advice. It is usually not wanted. It is also frequently not at all accurate or appropriate to what I'm complaining about or what my job/career is. It is quite frustrating.

In semi-related news: watching myself on Jeopardy! I discovered how insanely expressive my face is. I was unaware.

I am sorry I did not post a reminder on LJ, I meant to but didn't get a chance to get to the computer.
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What would Aphrodite drink?
(other than nectar)

As in, in a bar, in the 21st Century.
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So, here's the thing about the cherry blossoms: I have difficulty with the tourists- they're in the way, I have issues with crowds, I have issues with strangers being in my space, and I am mildly allergic to the flowers themselves. So often, I avoid them, especially the ones around the Tidal Basin.
But this weekend I went to see them twice, and I took my camera today. And as annoying as the tourists and the allergies are, the flowers themselves are damn pretty )
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Which is ironic, because I got the "you make too much money to get the poor people health benefits" letter this weekend.
So, I had untreated hypertension. And they gave me medicine to treat it. And I haven't had a single solitary migraine in the entire month that I've been on it. Even tonight, when I had two glasses of red wine, which in the past has proven to be a trigger for me. In fact, I've had very few headaches of any kind, except the occasional eyestrain or "eat something, dammit!" headaches, and even those have been much less painful.
Happy as I am about the "not exploding", I'm so much happier about the (lack of) headaches.
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That is my attempt to write the Jeopardy theme.
Because I just filmed it this week.

My episode airs April 24th.

I'm not supposed to tell people how I did, esp. not the media, and so I don't want to say here. But you don't get your check until 120 days after your episode airs, so even if I did win big, you wouldn't be able to tell for a while.


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