Apr. 3rd, 2010


Apr. 3rd, 2010 08:59 pm
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OK, so, I spent the day with my parents today, as they're visiting. I think that the confluence of Easter with the Cherry Blossom Festival is a perfect storm of tourism, and it's kind of insane. But anyway. When I got on the train to go home, I was astonished at how many people were on the train, as I live on the green line, which isn't usually super-crowded. It was too late for these people to be going to the baseball game, and none of them were dressed in ways that indicated that's where they were heading. We got to L'Enfant Plaza, and I don't think a single person exited the train. This is a big deal, as L'Enfant Plaza is where four lines meet, and it's a major transfer station. You're pretty much guaranteed that a lot of people will be getting off and on there. Well, a lot of people got on. And I was just blown away, because I could not fathom where they could possibly be going. And there were these two women near me who were really taking up more than their fair share of the extremely limited available space. I stepped a little bit closer to the empty room near them, because there was room for at least one more person in that empty space, and I was trying to do what I could. And one of them was being really bitchy about the fact that someone had stepped on her foot (which was clearly an accident), and saying there was no where for her to go. Except for the part where there very clearly was, and so I said, "if you stepped over, there'd be more room" and she snapped at me, saying "I don't want to step over, I don't want to be in a corner" etc, and her companion says "mind your business." Now, I said it as politely and helpfully as I could manage, and I replied "I was just trying to help" again as non-confrontational as I could, and she said "well, you're not helping" and went on about how people don't want to be in a corner. Now, the mildly funny part is that I was standing directly in front of the door that would open next (and also would be the one at my stop), which meant that they were close to it too (and would have been closer if they'd moved) and the companion was going on about how she has anxiety so she's glad the next stop is theirs and both women are kind of indicating that they're going to try to get across the car to exit. Except that they don't need to, and I say, well, you're right by the door, and when we pulled in she was like "oh, it's this door?" and I said, "yes" and then stepped out to let people off (b/c that's what you do when you're in front of the door on such a crowded train). And certainly, I understand anxiety in crowds, everyone who knows me knows that I loathe crowds, especially crowds of people who don't know where they're going and are in my way. And certainly I've been bitchy and passive-aggressive in crowds, but I was like "lady, you don't need to snap".

But then they and almost everyone else got off at the Waterfront Metro station, which made absolutely no sense to me, as no one ever gets off there. And I said like three times "where's everyone going" because I was genuinely curious/confused, and it wasn't until I said to a guy "no, really, I've never seen so many people here in my life" that he said "fireworks." I was already happy I wasn't getting off there- I used to live there and would have not coped well with that many people at that small a station. But I was boggled because it seems like such a terrible idea to have an event there that would draw so many people when there's also a game going on one stop away.

And then I had to close my window because even though it's a gorgeous night I really hate the sound of fireworks. They rank slightly below wind on the list of ordinary things I can't stand, but really, when I'm queen of the world, there will be no fireworks displays, at least not anywhere within my earshot.

But now I'm home, where there are no other people (roommates are out of town), which makes me very happy.


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