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So, my super-awesome job that I had ended in September, which is sad.

K & N got married in September, which is wonderful. It was a beautiful wedding and even though I cried it wasn't nearly as much as I thought I would and I finally got to make a toast for their wedding.

I started a new job that is less than ideal but is at least better than sitting at home all day. The problem is that it's a) not enough hours b) not enough money and c) not intellectually challenging/stimulating enough.

But, if you are in the DC Metro area and know of anyplace that is hiring that might hire me, please let me know. My strengths are in my organizational and communication skills. I'm a fantastic public speaker, I'm great on the phone, I'm a darn good writer, and I can do all of these things with diverse audiences. I also actually like cataloging, filing and organizing things. Additionally, I'm pretty good at problem-oriented research (either on the Internet or in books), meaning that I'm good at finding the answers to specific questions. I'm a creative problem-solver. And I'm a fast learner, so it's generally pretty easy to train me up fast.
My BA is in Comparative Cultures, and my MA is in Museum Studies. I have a pretty good grasp of US and world history and basic natural sciences, and most standard software that's used in offices.
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