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May. 21st, 2010 07:04 pm
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So, there is a misapprehension out there that I can't cook. This is false. I frequently don't cook, and certainly not exciting things, but I can, and I'm actually pretty decent at it. I often don't cook because I'm lazy and I hate having to do dishes, but I'm getting much better at one-pot meals. The kitchen in Evieland (my first apartment) was tiny and cramped. The kitchen at Nerds R Us (where I lived with Dex and Tim) was basically Dex's domain, and I always felt vaguely intimidated under Dex's watchful eye (which isn't her fault).

Anyway, I've been spending more money than I ought to on food, and so today I went to the grocery store and bought lots of yummy things. And then I packed tomorrow's food:

Breakfast: banana, yogurt

Lunch: spinach, tomato and cucumber salad with oil and vinegar dressing (still in bottle b/c I don't have a smaller container for it)
The nummy rice dish I made tonight1
one Ghiradelli dark chocolate and mint square

Snack: string cheese, cherries

And now I'm almost excited to go to work tomorrow because I have good food to eat.

1. Here's the main course of lunch: Royal Blend Rice, cooked according to package instructions, only replacing half the water with chicken broth (adds more flavor). I added sliced mixed peppers (from frozen) to the rice.
While the rice was cooking, I sautéed frozen shrimp with butter, garlic and olive oil, then added a can of clams (including the juice) and some lemon juice and let it all heat through (there were some timing issues b/c the can opener wasn't where I thought it was). When the rice was done, I added the shrimp and clams and the liquid, stirred it all up to let the rice soak up the liquid, and tasted some. And I am very very pleased with the results.
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